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The gym i can't bring myself to record him okay 'cause i know like if i put this on the internet like he be viral tomorrow and i might hurt his feelings real really what did he do main all right so you know credit due to shred it okay right he's he's huge okay all right and in like kind of an idealist way the tall dude he you know he's cut up but he's big what he's not like like roy big you know these natural good for you row so he wears a lot of open like billy blanks type shit like you know single line covering the nipple issue he wears transparent or yellow tinted aviators in the gym in the gym yellow tint i'll like the sunglasses that don't actually have any function that are for aesthetic yep asus weird and then he does choreographed dancing in between his sets and these moves are like are the moves week now good okay but it's like they're they're different every time and they belong and like instagram video it should be like like fourteen year olds doing those moves to like you know famous decks and then you know getting a hundred thousand likes not in a gym and it's annoying because like the the dumbbell rack there's only so many people that is only like ten benches so when he's there this to gone because he's gonna be dancing so crazy next to his whatever that if you're working on next you can't fucking knees and his elbows and his nuts are going to be passing over your head i wonder why i don't get it either is it part of the workout i don't know practicing the dancing it's different every time you gotta find that guys instagram because you gotta cb does the videos well he like he'll he'll like benchley heavy ass wait you're like damn buddies going and then he gets up and he's.

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