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Port that the sadness has turned to joy for one day at a time because I love that show so much so what they also announce at the same time is that season four four will air as repeats on C._B._S. Following its run on Pop C._B._S. Was the home of the original series forty years ago so that's That's kind of cool. Pop also gets linear rights to air the first three seasons ahead of season four so that's good people can watch it if not already watching it on. Netflix another thing that they announced about this is because going to be airing on the pop channel like a normal channel Oh it's going to be only one episode a week which is kind of small problem for me because I really enjoyed binging it like a lot and and I would like bench the whole season within a couple days or maybe up to a week so that's kind of not great news in that you know somehow survived because I love the show so much and I'm so happy that it's coming back to life because the Amazon will is great. The comedy is Great. eight. I'm just totally invested in that family and I'm very happy that it's coming back for another season. Doom material will continue and now with even more ways to enjoy it it the highly innovative and Boundary Pushing D._C. Comics series has been renewed for season two as announced at San Diego Comic con eight weeks after after its first season has wrapped on DC universe season two will also be available for streaming in two thousand twenty episode count to be determined on both D._C. Universe player and pretty little liars. It will serve as a streaming home for a new series. Bat Woman and Katy Keene C._W. the young adults space and reese witherspoon will produce at least two films. That's coming for H._B._O. Maks which is another streaming service. I never one and I don't think I've been watching that one because I mean okay if you're gonNA do friends and fresh prince that's fine. I mean and I don't really need to wash those episodes and I don't need to stream. Bat Woman or Katy keene because I'm watching knows I can deal with the C._W. APP. If I miss an episode but other or a man silly to subscribe to something else in cancellation news ransom has been cancelled after three seasons on C._B._S. global She's got to have it after two seasons on Netflix the code after one season on C._B._S. to go and Birdie after one season I net flicks and designated doesn't ended survivor after three seasons on A._B._C..

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