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I'm your host genetic Neider and back with me or to such agents, Nick and Mike Schultz their team Scholtz sales associates with Remax classic in Plymouth. So before the break, we were just starting to talk about marketing, and and in what you're doing. We can get clients and all of that. I know one of the things that you guys use a product called Matterhorn can you talk to me a little bit. But what this is. And when what's the value to matter port had a price this? I was skiing this weekend. So my mind's there apparently. But anyways, so it's really cool technology now is basically a three D print of the whole house. So it put it on a scale. So you can actually zoom out of the whole house spin the house around click on a room, and then allow you to click through the house like you're actually in the house. It's like putting out three D glasses. So you could go and see the house. This is great especially with a lot of times. We'll find we actually an older lady in the house. It's really hard for her to get out of the house. And this allows only serious buyers going there because basically they've already seen the whole how they've been able to go through everything. So we're not wasting time of her getting out in the cold, etc. And then also it's also really great tool for out of town buyers. See a lot of sense. Yeah. With like a couple of our listeners that are over a million dollars. A lot of times we're getting executives transferring from out of town coming in, and we find that they want to be able to see this house allow times prior before they get in a lot of answers a lot of the questions and people getting in and out just makes it easier on everybody. I think from a seller's perspective, obviously from the bio start with the buyers. From the buyer's perspective. Everybody wants to see video photos and all of the. That mean, they're scrolling through the lab, you know, laptops mobile wherever they're getting it. They want to see a lot of content and you're providing than a lot of content for them to see some great. From the buyer's perspective from the seller's perspective. Like you. Kind of alluded to one of the worst things about selling. Your house is having to keep it in show ready condition and be ready to leave on a moment's notice. When somebody wants to come see it. So if and when that now happens you're saying, hey, these are probably pretty serious buyers because they've already looked at this online. Now, they want to see it physically. Just like you're saying right there. I I think me and Nick have seen a little bit with matter port. When people use the platform, you know makes her success rate for showings, kinda go up because people that show up have already gone through the matter port system. So they've already had a three d visual house tour the house, and you know, they're interested enough that they want to come back and see it in real life. So it's kind of met the caught. I mean, it's got past the first round. And now, this is a house that they want to physically go see pretty much their second showing that that's a good way to look at it. Now, we're we're talking three D And and things of that nature. They don't need to have any special goggles. I mean, they can do this on their own laptop and devices. They don't need any special equipment to view the homes in all its glory. This way wrecked. If you have any regular laptop computer, you should be able to even a smartphone works that way. So I know that you folks had had referenced that you also do a lot of social media when it comes to marketing, probably yourself and the properties that you representing tell me a little bit about what you're doing in that realm today. Look you want to jump on Instagram feel like you. He has walnut department. Yes of Instagram, and basically just making sure that we're getting to our audience and our audience in our local areas. So they do a lot of grief Facebook and Instagram allow you to market in certain areas, so you can pick even at twenty five mile radius to bomb your home for such a cheap cost. You know, maybe a few hundred dollars. You're getting fifty thousand people clicking on your house. So really just brings a lot of attention. Maybe not be one of those people are the buyer, but they can tell the person about the buyer. We have four homes last year, we actually sold off of our online platforms, and that was gonna be my next question me. And being there is one thing. I think everybody knows they kind of have to be there in from a marketing perspective, that's where you wanna put your properties, but you're able to try to your investment of time and resources there. Absolutely. Besides Instagram's the one that you guys looked at each other, and pointed to are you using Facebook, are you using other social platforms Instagram, your go-to? I would like to say that Facebook and Instagram should be approached differently because they're different platforms. Serve different demographics different demographics. Exactly. Like with me and neck. We we try to make our Instagram posts our Instagram advertisements more targeted towards millennials because you tend to see more millennials on Instagram, whereas Facebook, everybody has a Facebook whether you're twenty or sixty books, so we try to look a little more professional formal on Facebook. But when it comes to Instagram, you can be a little more goofy with they get people laughing and excited about what you're doing. Something tells me that you guys probably do pretty good with that being kind of being casual and trying to get folks to kind of come in and humor them and whatnot. Got this. Great post Malone joke going for the real estate. So what are the check yard on Instagram? Where would they go to do that every Nick Schultz homes dot com? Okay. And they can find it there at Nick schmaltz homes. Just in case they didn't hear it. The first time so photos and become a big part of it. Because if you're doing social ill, especially Instagram is driven by photos. So do you take your own photos? Do you hire professional photographer? How do you work that part of the marketing some of like the little videos that were just making funny jokes from REI phones? But yeah, absolutely. Every house we do a lot of like the team building stuff we hire professional photographer. You know, it's not our expertise. We only have the time to dive into learn how to do perfect photography. So we we hire that out noth- nothing wrong with that saying here, I can't be I can't be the jack-of-all-trades. And I'm going to kind of find the ones that was kind of the learning curve to because will nix started. By kind of we kinda thought we could be the Jack of all trades, and we could take the picture for the homes and do everything, but we quickly realized that that there are better people than the city to do that what we know. Well, this show me like you said there's nothing to stop anybody from grabbing a phone Now, Dan taken a picture, but it may not get you the results that you want me he enough to say, hey, there's somebody else that could help help us with that part of our correct? Six years of school doing this. So that's something. We don't want to spend another six years where we can put it into real estate built in your own business. Well, we're talking with Nick and Mike Schultz their associates at Remax classic and Plymouth, one of I think they because we're talking a little bit about real estate as a career choice for young professionals in you both kind of finish college didn't finish college. But kinda came into to real estate one of the cool things is you don't have any old habits or preconceived ideas at your door knocking. You're you're doing things that maybe the more established agents, maybe they don't have to in some respects, or maybe they don't think it would work from somebody who's coming in with fresh eyes were do you think successfully are doing in today's market that makes them successful versus maybe mediocre agents today. I see a lot of agents sitting around at the office. And they think that you know, just because they're at the office. They're going to be making sales. We find better. Why don't you go sit at Panera or Starbucks or get out there door knocking where you're actually out there? We're going to be seen people all the time. So that's a lot of times. You know, they think that you know, the weeds are gonna come to them. We all say we just get out there and get it done. And another thing is a lot of people get stuck in their own routes. They sold this person's doing that. We like to try things if doesn't work fell great. We'll do another one. But just getting out there doing it consistently doing and everybody's saw you see a lot of people that get a sale. And then they don't know we're not going to go do hope in house next weekend because we got sailed on. No, let's keep going and get them get more and more and more. Okay. Anything you want to answer that something? We're actually just talking about with Adam. We just met him on the hallway. The just join clubs like Nixon floor Hockey League and ice Hockey League. And those are just places where we're not even going to make sales were just playing hockey with men and the next thing, you know, they find out you're a real estate agent and just comes up sort organically. And you already have a friendship that to start off on that. It's just it's so easy to start new business their business the business networking because again, if you're approaching this from a career perspective, you know, getting a network of people that know, you in what you do is helpful because you can't not let people know what you do. They'll never refer you business or work with you. If you if you hide what your profession is absolutely not also think if you try to attack people too much telling them that you're a real estate agent again, it just doesn't look as good as if you let the conversation start organically like we were saying just joined the hockey club joined the soccer club, whatever it is just have fun with the people, and I'm sure they'll end up finding out your real stage in one way or another. They get to know you as a person, and they get to in like you as a as a person a teammate, Akali, whatever it may be. And it goes I think to your point early on. In the conversation. Which was I like people I just like getting to know them and building a relationship and from there. That's the foundation on which I can build a business off of absolutely and. It'll be my always always bringing it up a rose branding ourselves. Like, you know, the the the sweaters were run out got teams Schultz. Right. Not around Remax. Classic stuff on it. Just so people can see a nasty questions about it already gentleman. Well, thanks so much to Nick and Mike Schultz team show sales associates with Remax classic and Plymouth for sharing what they're doing to service clients and grow their young professional business. It's always fun to have folks in that are passionate.

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