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To start since say your your a good thing peng right you you you toffee game how many teams you've gone uplift for you a right see play for the national team yeah nomination i gotta competition so that will depend wish one and then tonight low ping pong now well depends on if you're winning the pro tour events but if you win i think the world cup prizemoney must have been about fifty thousand dollars for the winner then you play in the sponsored events i played in competitions in america the c is classic ellis spin tournament illustrate as van on then the puppy at galas may very play fiasco let me play for you club rider murray league french league the killers will the metaverse acquire skin square garden how's she called chicago he pled days or general before one of the killers spin events we went out you are the the nba the chicago bulls entering the halftime we did the exhibition within an eu frontal yet who pulled out there's douglass well then and then in the old days east bill play for the club but then you can potentially find the super circuit that's all i saw you play for the club in england i played always in in i did play very ground might june is all i was playing in the in the league in france pulled a multi you you didn't play in england early note because there was no cashing it oh that's why should we not go you well that was a big deal the club molly was pole so you don't go by saw the going line area so on average and has a table tennis print this was a cia eliana this talks until five years ago when your other business you're speaking took off here which we'll get one sadao yeah this one of the ping pong in how you enjoy your career from age of wall.

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