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Was by blues by Christopher. Backed by three other members of the barbershop, court, yeah. I love me a good barbershop quartet, so I think the original song just so i. don't WanNa. Emails about this. Burt. Laayoune was the original writer of Bye Bye Blues which I was sort of a barbershop Quartet Song, and then Sonia, the weird al.. Time Right. She. wrote the parody song here. Come in and. That's the first one off. Yeah, that is the first one. Is You really do the Sonia off? It's the. Wanda it's the Sonia Sonia wins yeah, fatality. Mortal wombat there. You Go, yeah. Josh the third and final song here in our first off season wand off here comes to us from the Great Dan from Colorado the talk about the tribe. That Oh Colorado as jeff pronounced it in the in the FCC jol from Colorado I believe. It's how you say. Colorado where Colorado, but that is how Jeff probst said it in the episode. Well here. Is that song about the tribe that got less airtime in the Borneo premier. Produce Right Now all the one. That's no. Guys talk about. In almost sexual way that's for sure. Oh Chicken! Survivors can handle this. It's got your this. Coconut phonebook? Firecrackers to be. All those torches. Much! I. Tribal Council drives a truck truck truck. John's like what what what Ritchie. And, so he's again. Drives A. Truck Shawn's like what what all night long. Me See. Oh! Gone Gone Gone Gone. Lingo! Gong, Gong You? Job Sir. Own..

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