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The interim he stayed home he skipped a couple of events. You can't just forgive that you can't just forget that that happened. The guy has to be showing up every day pushing for while still having a subsequent conversation which may or may not go his way. And i just submit for you. That's what do it. I'm just bring it to you. Guys attention uis went doesn't slow anything that you can't have hard feelings towards him. He didn't give anything to have hard feelings about. He created a conversation while continuing to move things forward. Hard to be upset. I'll leave you with one. Final thought as it has to do with sugar sean. Because again this is a new. Athlete today sean. But next week it's going to be somebody else with the exact same argument the week after that so on and so forth be very careful. When you're picking your promoter one thing that shot it said. He talked about the boxing but he also said you know checking in finding what is worth going out on the open market. Be very careful when you sit down with your promoter and you decide who you're going to go with if you are a pure whore and you're going to the highest bidder you're looking at your career wrong and if you sit down in the one thing that you have to tell the promoter who is seeking you and all that promoter can say you in response is why i'm gonna give you more money than this guy if that is only plan. It's not one and that's a great opportunity for you. Sit down for you to see what avenues. What exposures what directions. He intends to go with you if he tells you. I'm going to pay you more money than the next guy. It's not a plan and it's something that you always want to look at so that you could be strategic and one thing that sean has always left out which is why it's the number one thing that tells me that sean has a plan here. The number one thing that sean o'malley leaves out is who the next opponents to be most people in sean spot that have a pulpit and have a platform are going to point their cannon and point their whole fan base in one direction. Sean always leaves that out. Sean always keeps you guessing. Sean talks about shawny talks about the beautiful things but he never locks himself into a corner. Which makes me think that sean is just a little baby. Step ahead of everybody else here so before we all get frustrated and throw our hands up in the air and we do that with guys right. It's sean this week. It's going to be somebody else next week. It was somebody else a week ago. We want to go back and search it out to having the same conversation about how much they're worth and they're gonna take their ball. Go home until they get it. I don't believe that's what he's doing. I think he's picking his time. I think he's a well of the beautiful placement. I think he starts to see that. I got a few guys coming after being instead of me going after them. I'm going to frustrate them. I'm going to antagonize them. It's very different strategy. Sean has particularly because he is not yet drawn and upon. How do we know what a fights worth two fighters. The history of the time could sell on their own. Mike tyson an oscar de la. Hoya and i think it all fairness you'd probably have to open that door to conor mcgregor and even a.

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