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Welcome back to the program a federal lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a student in marcus in wisconsin schools is a high school student named mathew sean acre in marcus in wisconsin schools the lawsuit alleges that marcus in schools in penalizing mr schenker shocker for wearing pro second amendment t shirts to school violated due process rights let me explain real quickly and then we'll get to the attorney on this case to talk about the federal lawsuit the boy matthew war to to t shirts at least these are the t shirts the pictures i've seen that expressed a pro second amendment amendment message and featured drawings of guns on the shirts all it was was one said love and i think the other ones said celebrate diversity and had pictures of guns in fact you might know these t shirts because some of you might even own them i happen to have the celebrate diversity shirt myself he wears these to school his parents check the handbook to make sure that he doesn't violate the dress code or anything like that and and they conclude is they look at the rules that this is acceptable attire to send their student matthew to school in matthew's teachers the principal strenuously objected to the t shirts not being able to find anything explicit in the student handbook on the dress code they claimed they could exclude matthew from participating in class or make him go home.

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