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The United States you'd spend two hundred dollars for one of them me as a state could so vermont tried to sort of head towards this and so two Colorado and they're both Vermont in particular is only only half a million people. Virginia was nine million people. I think is a large enough market to say could take on contracting and there's a couple of different ways to do it. I'm not not attached to any of them that I'd like to see the state negotiate the prices. I'd like the patients to be public. unpublished and you should pay the same price in any pharmacy pharmacy and we can do it by taking you know the state can do it by taking over a couple of different places or simply by straight regulation but if if a few of the larger wealthier states did it I think we could do I think we could move the feds along on this and then that might provide some political impetus to rain and other healthcare costs. Let me tell you mentioned that yeah definitely you. You mentioned that the district is very read. it has the incumbent with actually not challenged challenged by Democrat in two thousand thirteen and then ran unopposed entirely in two thousand fifteen and then one by about sixty five percent of the vote twenty seventeen good. Can you tell us a little a bit about sort of your path to victory like how you see yourself being able to win in general so one-third of people don't vote and the the theory if there is a path to victory it involves mobilizing people who haven't voted because there hasn't been a choice and so they haven't seen the reason we're doing voter. Were one of the things people Tommy when they don't vote. Is that why they don't vote as they don't know who to vote for so so we're GonNa do voter guides on the website for each of the counties I'm collecting by is by ozone. All the local candidates trying to figure out who to vote for in my local camp race. Is You know I I have met the man running who represents me on the Board of supervisors and I know nothing about it. It's hard to find out anything and I actually I've. I've been asked to consider what my I'm wandering but I'll come back to the point my I don't actually one would be about requiring certain corporations to provide day of the state for planning purposes and the other one would be about voting and part of that would be voter guides. They do them in California and they're mailed to everybody's house. That has your local candidates BIOS in it it has they. They do a lot of ballot initiatives out there that we don't do well. We could legislate this. It doesn't have to be a bunch of plucky volunteers. The Path to victory is we've sending postcards cards to every single person in the district who is not whose registered to vote who has not voted more than once in the past penalties and they're being handwritten by Yvonne Tears after this election. I that's a project. I'm willing to keep working on you. Know Win or lose. Increasing voter voter turnout in my district is using his passion project and I've committed to running a second time in two thousand twenty one because candidates have the greatest chances victory in their second life. No that's very interesting. 'cause they're their biggest chance to win in. Yeah I like it. I certainly read it somewhere at some point. I hope it turns out to be accurate. That's awesome so when issue that you talk about on your website a lot is education Kentucky about education in Virginia and sort of what the house of delegates can do to prevent so I grew up in Maine and if the other state government I'm I'm very familiar. main has four fifths of the land mass of Virginia and Has Sixteen Accountants Virginia has one hundred thirty six county which has a hundred and thirty six school systems and a hundred and thirty six sheriffs and one one hundred thirty six commonwealth attorneys There are eight thousand people in Mathews County. Why do they need a whole school district. In coming off attorney and Sheriff Virginia also it was in the thirty s with how they pay teachers so when you rank teacher pay Virginia comes in down in the mid thirties again with the ninth richest state that shouldn't be there's no path to multiply their income solar t. a teacher starting salary is in the thirties in Virginia and there's no way for them to get to what's considered a sort of eighty thousand seventy five to eighty thousand is the level at which people stop feeling like they need more money money and happiness money does buy happiness up until about that point and the fact is that we're not paying teachers that much and I have a problem uh-huh so paying teachers better but also treating them like professionals one of the things that seems to stand up as you go and look through all this studies is on education. Is it allowing principals more autonomous. We have these standardized tests in Virginia the Sol's and they were intended to be a sort of a faithful test like they would give them in as long as everybody passed. The district is doing okay but it's turned into this weird set a culture where everybody teaches to the test and they're not particularly due to leave them vicious and so. I feel like education in Virginia has been dumbed down by this so I would get rid of those just straight off I would raise teacher pay I would I would legislate smaller classes because one of the things that seems to be that smaller smaller. Fox's can help compensate for edgy free disparities of backgrounds coming into education so across the thirteen to seventeen kids kids will do better even if they're poor and have less resources outside of school and how we fund so I'm not sure why the funding schools based on local property taxes like historical but why do we do when we go back to Matthews eight thousand the people you know they're funding the funding schools off thousand people's taxes and is that I would shift and I have a real issue and I I. I am absolutely opposed to Public Thatcher's. I have a real I think public education is the foundation of a democratic country and Virginia at the K. through twelve level too many families off out rather than working at improving their school system so can you Kaku little bit about I know mentioned carrying education but are there any other issues that are really coming up as you're talking to voters in district. Do many of them surprised the band. Information infrastructure is huge. One of the things that happens in Virginia is Virginia loves public private partnerships and and what it seems to be a reason for the Commonwealth to give my tax money to a private company to try to bribe them into doing business. Somebody is working on a list of all the incentives money that Virginia has paid out over the past twenty thirty years and whether or not they incentives that they gave they've actually came into something that and it doesn't seem should work and so the Internet is probably already this pointing. We probably should just accepted by one of my first bills would be requiring telecom providers to provide service estate to the state and local governments because the county. Gloucester wants to figure out where there with Internet and they can't because with two Internet Internet companies that provide service your won't tell they won't tell them who they provide. The other thing is that the the the state has been handing out these grants to various local local monopolies to expand their coverage and it's just expensive a little bit and it still cost too much and everybody complains about it whereas if you put in I'm unclear on whether states are allowed to do this or whether there's a central offer hitting and I'm trying to find out but if you can the fire that ball Internet companies allow access to their network related to the net neutrality lot the federal level at allowing competition not allowing not allowing one company to own too many layers of the market so the phoning the content funding the Clintons that it runs on owning the servers that make it function you know when one company owns all of that it becomes impossible for another mother smaller businesses to get in and it becomes on out of I would like us to look at the Internet in terms of not just in terms of act providing services to people and how much consumers pay but lowering the cost of entry in his response should be thirty or forty. ISP Internet service provider fighter by service pettit rates and instead. There's one or two what would you say your part running for delegate. What would you say is the you know the best part it's it's people's houses wondering and wandering down wondering down dirt roads and finding just amazing gardens and and and some there's a woman in Gloucester who has put done mosaics on the her house is listed up because of of the recent flooding and she's done mosaics on the pillars under the office of family down the other way that House House topiary elephants like they cut their pushes to look like allison. I mean these are just random. People in Virginia uh-huh and it's so much fun and everybody awesome I've been nicest dog and you drive up and there's this snoop dogg outside and he's got a collar on and he's not on a chain and you can tell the people who left their vote in the house and I always start slow and then I opened the door and I don't get out of the car right away and ninety percent of the time. They pray to just lay their heads up. Oh Yeah Yeah and I meet interesting people you know and most people were really sweet and and even sometimes you know when you wander into looking household by mistake and they'll be like you know. I'm sorry we're not gonNa vote for you but I'm so proud of you for writing it might it is and and I disagree with my opponent about about politics that he's not he's a neighbor you know he's part of my community pharmacist time position of men in three years and I'm really proud of us at how clean we kept off. Ah We're not there's not fash. TACO he's a Republican and he believes in smaller government and he believed the primacy is of corporations and I think that that's not accurate. I think that's not run things. I think that markets are always regulated so some extent and markets are always regulated to benefit someone in the United States was shifted to regulate them to benefit preparations and I'd like to Commute awesome and is there anything else you wanted to talk about that..

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