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A lot of veterans there, you bring over Mark Lewinsky from Indy. He was part of an elite O line for the past few seasons. I think John Feliciano is a guy that we've probably talked about more than any podcast ever. He's slated to be the starting center. He just has an ability to handle blitz situations. He knows Dave balls offense. He's coming over from buffalo. And then you have Shane lemieux. I think he's got some question marks a guard, especially after a serious injury last season. It's possible their third round rookie guard from UNC. Joshua zoo steps in at some point, depth is certainly a question mark. But I think the line does have the ability to potentially fight to be average. And I think that's probably a breath of fresh air for giants fans to hear. Receiver group is interesting. You kind of touched on this. And it's the most expensive in the NFL, but it's a unit that grossly underperformed last season. And you look at when giants receivers were targeted, led to the second or success rate in the NFL. The unit is kind of being viewed forward facing as an abject disaster. But to me, it's clear it has talent. And so when you look at gallaudet, you look at kadarius Tony. Shepherd, when he eventually returns and while Wanda Robinson was probably overdrafted. He's been solid enough through the early part of camp and Dave ball clearly saw it defined role for one del Robinson when he drafted him. You also look at the projected schedule, giants are projected to face a bottom 5 schedule of past defenses. So I think you're pointing the stock arrow up on the receiver group, even though it's wildly overpaid. I mean, worst case Sequoia worst case scenario, they can always line up Andrew Thomas a wide receiver. He had more touchdown receptions than kadarius Tony and Kenny gallaudet combined a season ago. Yeah, yeah. Listen, you spent money on gallaudet. I don't think he turned a complete dog food overnight. There's a reason he got the contract even though it was probably more than he was worth. He had productive seasons and you look at that offensive staff. Not good, right? And so I think this is where the glimmer of hope for a lot of giants fans and a lot of analytics guys and a lot of pro betters are kind of viewing things for the Giants that just coaching alone is really going to improve this offense. Saquon is in a contract here. He's still just 25. And I think that's the interesting element. Is that Brian dabel didn't draft him? So I think he's in the perfect spot and that they bought one so he can run Barclay into the ground, give him carries and targets in the past game. And if Barkley looks like the number two pick, something he hasn't looked like. Dave ball is a genius. He gets injured again. Yeah, that's the neck on saquon. And the giant's own $0 past this season and everyone just moves on. So I think we're going to get a decent saquon Barkley this year. Daniel Jones obviously is a polarizing quarterback. And listen, if you watch Daniel Jones and know what you're looking for, there's certain throws he can't make. Shouldn't have been drafted 6th overall. But there is certainly enough to work with there. He's clearly superior to Sam darnold, despite being thought of in the same light by many. And when you think about Daniel Jones first three seasons in the league, it's been this revolving door across the board in that 2019 Jones is working with pat Shermer and Mike Shula. In 2020, it's Joe judge and Jason Garrett in 2021, it's Jason Garrett and Freddie kitchens. Over those three seasons, the Giants offensive line to average out to be the worst in the NFL. The skill position talent around Jones had been injured at a rate far above the league average. And yet, Daniel Jones over this three year period is in the 64th percentile in QBR. Horrific offensive minds that are constantly rotating. Horrific O line play, skill position guys that are injured through the wazoo and yet Daniel Jones is above the 50th percentile. So I'm interested to see what happens there. Last year, when Jones went down with an injury, giant's offense averaged 1.2 yards less per play without him. Dipped in EPA by .2 yards per play. So I think those are some interesting things. I think we're hopeful to see a better version of Daniel Jones in 2022 working with an improved scheme game planning play calling offensive line injury luck to the skill positions in a schedule of defenses that projects to be bottom ten in the NFL. We know the Giants obviously declined the option for Daniel Jones in his 5th year. In your opinion, going into this year, do you believe Daniel Jones will be the starting quarterback in 2023 for the New York Giants when we're doing these previews a year from now? I have no idea. Honestly, I have no idea. I think at some point you have to figure out and this will be the year if he's the guy moving forward. They were so bad last year with scheme and injuries. That you really couldn't figure out if he was your future quarterback. It's a fair assessment. I mean, it's all these are questions that and I'm not trying to bust your balls, but these are hot take TV types. No, I understand. I don't know that I don't know the answer to that. And I don't think anyone actually does. They are going to go about this. And I shouldn't say I've spoken to them directly. But Kafka is brilliant. Is this the quarterback that Kafka launch? Is this the quarterback that Brian day ball wants? And ultimately, if they can get enough out of him, there's probably a situation where you sign them on a short term deal. Or do you just say, hey, we have the confidence of the GM because we know that relationships long-lasting, right? Joe Shane comes over from buffalo. And I'm not trying to get into the Brian Flores stuff. But and I'm not a corporate guy either, but you know how this stuff unfolds. There are situations in life where knowing the right people is how you get jobs and Joe Shane and Brian Dave will have worked together forever. So I think the leash is long there. And that if we just said, hey, we won 7 games this year. We're still unsure if Daniel Jones is our franchise quarterback moving forward. Let's just say F it and move on. And even if we draft a young quarterback who isn't ready and in gear two, we end up only winning four or 5 games. That's fine. Because hopefully in year three, we've found our new rookie quarterback. There's also a situation here where you can say, hey, Daniel Jones is gone.

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