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Vandalism per se as The situation itself, getting outside of their own control and the special challenges facing historically black colleges and universities in the pandemic. Now news Live from NPR News. I'm Jack Spear a message on Twitter today in which President Donald Trump suggested postponing the November election has set off a firestorm on both sides of the aisle. Republican state officials along with those on Capitol Hill, condemning the president's suggestion and seeking to brush aside questions their own party's leader appears to be trying to raise about legitimacy of the upcoming vote. His daily corner buys briefing today, Trump seemed to back off somewhat, saying he's confident heading into the election. I want to see I want an election and a result much Much more than you. I think we're doing very well. We have the same fate poles, but we have real poles were doing very well over. Trump said He does not want to wait three months for election results again, suggesting that mail in voting could lead to problems that would tie up the election. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell today said the election date is set in stone. Other GOP lawmakers had similar remarks. Street clashes have erupted it protests in recent weeks. NPR's Hannah Alarm reports that with armed factions squaring off in a big election on the way terrorism analysts worry violence could spread. Peaceful protesters. Police federal authorities agitators extremists add to that a polarizing election all the ingredients, terrorism, analysts say for a dangerous escalation. This is serious. Seth Jones is with the center for Strategic and International Studies have not seen this kind of Of domestic terrorism threat really in my lifetime. This past weekend, At least five protesters were shot around the country, some far right anti government extremist attacked protestors. Others exploit the movement to boost their own agendas, such as violent revolution. Meanwhile, weapons are increasingly visible on the protesters. Side, too. In several cities, armed anti fascist groups and black gun clubs have joined the fray. Hannah Lam NPR News americansviews of China have continued to sour amid a widespread sense in the US the China mishandled the initial outbreak of covert 19. That's according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center. NPR's John Woolwich Reports. Around 2/3 of Americans think China has done a bad job dealing with the Corona virus outbreak and 78% blame the Chinese government for the global spread of the disease. Half think the U. S. Should hold China responsible, even if it means worsening relations. More Americans now see China U. S ties in bleak terms then before about one in four described China as an enemy, almost double the amount in 2012. The Trump Administration has repeatedly blamed Beijing for the pandemic while casting China as an economic and ideological threat. Survey shows that Americans still have a slight preference for pursuing strong economic ties with China over getting tough on it. John Ruit NPR news on Wall Street today, blue chips closed sharply lower, though the tech sector managed to hold up Now Jones Industrial Average was down 225 points today to 26,003 13. The NASDAQ was up 44 points. The S and P 500 closed down 12 points today at 32 46. This is NPR. And this is Casey AR W. On Larry Parole on a Thursday, July 30th. Here's what's happening at 404 afire. Burning uphill in heavy brush in the Angeles National Forest has broken out of the 9500 block of North San Gabriel Canyon Road. Authorities are now evacuating campers in the West Fork area of the Angeles National Forest as a precaution. L. A County sheriff's department says Residents on north San Gabriel Kenyon Road, also called Highway 39 should be prepared to evacuate. L. A County fire officials say the fire has burned at least 125 acres in the hills north of Azusa, and has no containment. The L. A County Fire department have sent someone 100 firefighters into water dropping helicopters. Fire officials say the fire started around two this afternoon. Hundreds of criminal cases are now under review by L. A county prosecutors after three LAPD officers were charged with falsifying evidence earlier this month. The reviews with latest step law enforcement officials have taken to address a scandal involving LAPD officers who stopped people and then allegedly identified them as gang members on field interview cards without evidence to back him up. KCR w serous Castle L. A County District attorney, Jackie Lacey said her office is sending letters to more than 750 defendants whose cases listed officers Braxton, Shaw, Michael Koblinsky, or Nicholas Martinez of the Metro Division as potential witnesses. Lacey is urging defendants or their attorneys to contact her office. If they feel the officers involvement in the case was prejudicial or should be reviewed. She said. Prosecutors would prioritize cases where the defendants are incarcerated. The officersattorneys have not commented on the case reviews Greg Jacoby in who was an attorney for Officer Shaw. Had said previously that his client did nothing wrong and follow directions from commanders. Defense attorneys who specialize in gang cases say being labeled a gang member puts a case at a significant disadvantage and often relies on officer testimony. In this case, they are deadly Serious council reporting and it wasn't active morning in the Northeast San Fernando Valley all started with a magnitude 4.2 quake it for 30 centered between San Fernando and sell more. A magnitude 3.3 aftershock came minutes later than a 3.9 quake about 6 45 this morning. The initial quake was strong enough to jostle a few folks. I think maybe there was a small joke that woke me up. And then I just felt it rocking and everything in my room was swaying my bed completely shit. And of course, within seconds everyone was texting asking if we were all okay. It's 606 I need a bigger chart. That is what you might have said this morning. If you were trying to graph the historic decline in the nation's.

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