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Is former assistant secretary of the department of homeland security faculty chair of the homeland security program. Harvard's kennedy school of government and an analyst for cnn. Coming up it's methane madness control toilet training cows speaking flap and flush our climate change warriors down the drain. We'll find out corby. Kummer joins us for that moore. He's next on eighty nine seven h. boston public radio back to boston. Public radio modrica. And jim braddock join us along talked latest headlines about food policy industry how we eat and toilet training for cows corby kummer corporate executive director food. We're so low rent we have. What is the executive director of the food and society policy program at the aspen institute senior at the atlantic and senior lecturer toughs friedman schools contrition science and policy. High corby specialist on all right. So we're here. We'll find out gonna keep you in suspense on the toilet training thing for a couple of minutes because there's just great piece of near at times about you know we've talked for ages about the labor shortage in restaurants and it does seem corby by reading this piece that you pay people more you give them health benefits. Don't make them work eighty hours a week. You have them actually given vacations and guess what you can hire more people to work in your restaurant us. That's the bottom line here So first of all. Let's plug jane black. The former longtime food editor boston magazine. A wonderful writer and did this piece in the new york times about building back better when it comes to restaurant jobs and she stole my idea which i'm going to rework on my aspen program. Did of many good insights in this one of them is just as you said march. If you pay people more money you can get them to apply so when you know. There's been enormous pushback on the idea. There's a job. There's a worker shortage. There's a worker shortage but more than that. There's a wage shortage if you offer people more money. They will apply for jobs. What's the main problem with that. For restaurant owners they already operate on extremely thin margins and as one incredibly inspirational woman named amanda cohen in new york city at dirt candy vegetarian celebrated restaurant it. I had to run a better business. After the pandemic so her tasting menu went from ten to three to four choruses. He had to learn how to operate much more. lean Because she had fewer employees but by doing that she was able to continue paying the high wages. She was already committed to. She was one of the first people to incorporate hips into her wages and after other places like the unions hospitality group began and ended after worker. Rebellion chic kept it going but she had a one percent barely profit margin and she says that now that she is just improved her business model. She's up to five percent. So i think the insights arc pay people more gave them paid time off. Try to give them health insurance all the stuff that is very expensive very expensive. Means you have to have a better business plan. That sounds easy but it actually has been a huge challenge or restaurant owners before and after the pandemic by the way since you mentioned somebody in york we should also mention someone in our catchment area. That's quoted in jane..

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