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It's a simple Google search from so oh, you know where I got this senate dot gov. He's the minority leader in the Senate senate dot gov. Chucky. Just check it out. Put it up. You get every single confirmation date. And nomination date. You can tell that this is not in the top 100. A fast pushed through, not even close. They also have the votes. And many of them are unanimous and and others are, you know? 71 to 11 70 this 17 69 to 11. 89 21 Guy's name was AH Lewis Powell, nominated by Richard Nixon. And I took it took like three months. October 22nd 1971 to December 6 1971. So just when you listen to somebody's in my head wants to pop off and not just from the president. That happens all the time to make no mistake about it because I can hear Democrats on their own. What about the president? Yes, he does the same thing. But if you think that your party is Commun toe lying. You're wrong. On a daily Remember, it was Camilla Harris, who said that the justice Chase That he did put the nomination in Didn't put the nomination and because it was an election year. No, he didn't put the nomination because there was no Senate in session at all zero when they came back, you put the nomination. There's no indication that he would have held the nomination. Have you lost the election? None whatsoever in any Thing you confined, she lied. It's just To me. That's why when you know Rory as before. What do you do when you go in and you're not sure about you know a judge Canada or whatever. I always vote for the one who's not the incumbent. Cause I think All of the politicians we have We should have one rule one term and done. One term in duck of its two years in the House six years in the Senate for years, the presidency one term and done this way they act in accordance with what's best for the American people are not their party. Cause that's all they do. It's a regular thing. It's it's just it's a sport now. And we're the ones paying for it. It's 9 26 glory. Siri's Go Look. What's training, which I.

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