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Finneran Michael. Pedal Lucho. He can regale us with tales of the practice. What you're just like Cain and McLean doing old Hollywood. BARRIS giant high. Brigand CONAN. It's the ultimate example of command is in this L. of it. The stories ever would have the bits. Yes, it's so goddamn insane, but there's Uncle Arthur. He's backstage a CONAN. He gets the reckoning from Uncle Arthur, the character he's talked about loving explaining to him, you have to go. You have to run to her. Then he's like do runs up to CONAN uncle. Arthur's cursed him. He's naked. Okay, this is that moment. Except no, he wakes up. It was a dream. It was his sub-conscious speaking to him, but he knows what he has to do. He has to run to her etc.. He turns over in bed. Uncle Arthur is still real in this reality, or he's having a full blown mental breakdown that is haunting both his waking and sleeping hours with the same figure, so then he gets in his car and drives to the Hollywood lot were. Uncle Arthur tells them the rules that she's about to leave and go home to where she's from and the rule. Rule of which is is that if you leave, you can't come back for one hundred years. He can't figure out where he she is until he realizes Oh, she's home because the real home for her. Is there fucking Sitcom set where they've only filmed? One pilot apparently took six months hand where he was mean to her most of the time, mostly a traumatic experience for her. But there is a gag in the pilot, can we? Can we just shout out the when he has the big lobster claw? That's funny. You laugh at that I. do laugh at that and you also were just like. Why am I not watching that fucking movie? Why am I not watching the movie? And which will ferrell is sort of cuddly kind of a napped? Suburban Dude. Weird. With. Tensions. About gender roles in the nineties. That's an inter. Bewitched gender roles Meta textually to the nineties as an interesting movie that I would watch, there is a version of this movie that probably still doesn't exist. That probably is still viewed as that was a weird point, and Will Ferrell Nicole Kidman's careers, but it's a gentleman six. It's an ultimate cable movie. It's an ultimate like what it's comfort food. It's just a TV show. Stretch out for ninety minutes. It's middle of the pack Ephron. Rather than the worst thing she ever did, but you're right. The joke of him with the lobster claw is funnier than any actual joke in. It's not good, right? That's the thing it's like thirty rock correctly knew that the show they were making was irrelevant and probably not very funny. Yes, bewitched anytime you see a glimpse of the show. You're like I don't know this is worth more China rather this it's use of magic seems more interesting to me than the real world uses of magic behind the scenes well that the crazy thing to me with all the whiffs and wild things that this movie does is they try to make it so that she should. She's like I shouldn't use magic for no reason even though she does things that violate all rules of. Of Space and time where if they want, there'd be consequences of magic which movies seems to sort of want. They could do that, but they don't. Magic has no consequences in this numbers. No, absolutely she learns no lessons from using magic, and there's also no kind of like cliche ticking clock thing of like. If you in love with a human, you have to give up your magic powers. Are you sure you never want to have magic again dark that this that that? Isabel the Nicole Kidman Oscar Nicole. Kidman's character goes on. Is She moves out decides that she doesn't want to use. Magic has a crush on a boy. WHO's an asshole falls in love with that boy and continually use his magic. Biggest sort of satirical angle nora. Ephron is bringing to it is if they re if they rebooted which today it probably wouldn't even be about witch. They would find a way to make her as in sequential as possible to the show, but she is at the same time doing that to the character who is having that done to them in the show within the movie. Like, it is crazy. HOW LITTLE INTERIOR ALREADY LITTLE AGENCY! This character has! How little screen time she has relative to Farrell and what you think they're almost trying to do is say all right in the nineteen fifties sixties. The woman had less power than the man into society in on a Hollywood set. The unknown has less power than the established movie star, and I guess that could cause some tension, but don't interrogate that beyond just putting it on the canvas and saying there we did it. There's a meryl streep quote which invoked in before on this podcast, but we're. She said that. That you look at like the forties and the fifties and women were very strong and tough and equal co leads with agency who would give it as as hard as they took it in like all those screwball comedies and men did not feel threatened by it as audience members, they would watch something like his girl Friday and they would not say gender being pulled or Scott, which is maybe we talked about which in which the woman is so strong, and so our full that that's her whole thing that was not viewed as a threat of what Meryl Streep Said Is. Men feel more threatened by that today because it is closer to reflecting an actual reality at the times, in which those power dynamics were on screen. It was like well. Katherine. Hepburn can be like a ball buster because in real life. She can't actually tell me what to do. You know and now men feel more threatened by it and as you're saying yes, that is slightly more of an angle for this movie to how that like the idea of well. You couldn't keep her at home anymore. You couldn't tell her that she can have a job. Makes this character more of a threat if she has magical ability, but they're eight thousand different things as movie could have done. That would have felt like Nora had actual angle for why she wanted to make this. Rather than lucky numbers had bombed really hard. It was a guaranteed green light. And a lot of especially I feel like comedic filmmakers. If they've been working for long enough for like I. Don't know I'd Kinda like to make a movie about how show business works because they're filled with such contempt for how stupid the industry is that? They think they're going to be the one who makes the that mainstream audiences give a shit about, and almost always people go inside baseball I. Don't Fucking Care I. don't fucking care..

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