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There isn't depth their position. You have a mobile quarterback who might not make the entire season. We know how valuable that position is so there needs to be a little bit of a manual adjustment. There the running backs. I guess. Or decent right yeah. Halston and black. Sheer and find day is in talks with Ceylan the born the the former five-star f- issue running back. So you know we'll see what materializes there but it's gonna be hard to replace khalil. Herbert who had some guy. Just you know the kansas transfers came onto the scene. No one was expecting that. But i think we talked about him last year through eleven weeks before herbert kind of dealt with that nagging injury late in the season. He was number two in the country and total. Epa among running backs number one in yards per rush and number one in yards after contact with five point seven in the entire country. So i i don't know what the ground games in a look like you lose an early. Nfl tackle and christian baracoa few other guys from the online transferred out. So you know for this just kind of bleak there you know if the hoagies are gonna win seven or eight games. Think the offense has to finish in that like twenty to twenty five range and offense efficiency and that's gonna be really tough to do i. Just i don't know i think joseph went. They has work cut out for him. So in defensively. You mentioned some of those questions i just. I don't know what we're going to see from this offense because burmeister just not inefficient passer. You know there's going to need to be a lot of rollouts. They're going to be a lot of needs to be a lot of play action. I think point. They needs to have his offense. Look the same whether it's runner. Pass and dig into some of his metrics. I mean just when he throws with play action not a bad quarterback one oh seven passer rating over eleven years and tenth on any other throw burmeister made last season. That didn't have play action. I mean averaged under six yards and attempt sub seventy passer rating so. This is just a thing. The season kind of boils down in depends on. How good burmeister isn't if he can stay healthy. Yeah i mean this is a team. I think going in that can have high level variants and the reason i say that not because i think they're ceiling. They can win eleven games but if they start slowly things could create are pretty quickly now. One thing virginia tech that may work to their advantage. Hopefully last year they dealt with as about as disjointed a season as any team in the country in terms of availability for players. Cova guys in guys out twenty players missing and you talk about khalil. Herbert i know each of the last couple of weeks of the regular season we were scrambling to figure out his availability because when he was out there the offense really lacked home. Run threat and you saw that kind of emerged. Credit to them for beating their rivals. Virginia to close out the regular season but no doubt what i thought was a great hire at the time in just in day hasn't played out the way i anticipated. And we'll see if he can get through twenty twenty one and save his job there in blacksburg a program that i don't think a lot of people are talking about pain although we run in different circles so you and i hold them in high regard and you tease him earlier on in boston. College there thirty to one to win the conference sixteen to one to win the atlantic division. When you look at their win total at seven it's price over minus a dollar thirty at fan duel sportsbook jeff half last year. Hey look i mean. This is a guy with a defensive background. Who came in from ohio state boston college. They were extremely one dimensional but thankfully for the eagles that one dimension was outstanding behind fill your kovacic and his leadership there. They went from a sixty eight percent run ratio in twenty nine thousand nine to running on less than half of their offensive snaps. When you look at boston. College this year pain. You talked about how they're cutting into the recruiting grounds for notre dame. What are we believe can do half li seconds. I think they're they're poised for a little bit of a break out here. I really believe that. I'm a big jeff half guy. The recruiting is ticking. Up a notch. Especially in a time where you know. You had a transition class that he had to save his first year on the job. Now all of a sudden you can start to implement some things and you mentioned boston college. They kind of changed who they were and their philosophy completely changed twenty four percent year over year increase in the past game. And i think you know half li while. He's a defensive guy comes over from ohio state so he's been around these great offense of mines and he was willing to change. Which is i think a big thing when you start to gauge coaches typically. A defensive guy comes in and it's all about his defense in what makes it look best. That wasn't the case now. I don't think they'll pass much if the run game is better. But he is a willing to go out there and aired out. 'cause he's cognizant that passing is more efficient when you dig into some of boston college's numbers offensively in kind of project ahead. I like what i see. Their return almost eighty five percent of its offensive production from last season. The receiver group is really deep. They get their two thousand nineteen receiver back as well. Koby white. Zeh flowers surefire. Nfl receiver in late. May they landed. Trae burying all american tight end via the transfer portal. And i think the hope is that in year two with a normal offseason that the o. Line gets better acclimated to the new zone blocking scheme. And i think that was a big thing on why the the line wasn't really good last year and they couldn't get a push in their ground game as they went from a completely different blocking style. So bc's going to run. You know a zone scheme. This year it was new to them so they have a full offseason implement. That obviously didn't go well. Asher finish ninety first in line yards hundred and thirteenth and opportunity rate outside the top sixteen saccharine allowed rushing success rate in explosive running was was terrible. I think the positive is that they return all five guys up front and i think four of them potentially and up on. Nfl teams next year. And so that along with what seems to be a shift in running back is going to change some things right. They want to go to a more versatile running back quicker faster back. So i think we're gonna see their explosiveness increase notch their one hundred eight last year. And then you mentioned your kovic year. Two in the system who's twenty fifth last year and totally pay quarterbacks. He has more weapons. Got a better understanding the offense. He was damned good On intermediate throws in that ten to nineteen yard range. I think just kind of glancing at the schedule. Now todd before we get to the other side of the ball if you're a c. Fan you have to love the fact that you're not going to face three of the top four projected teams in the conference. You know they evade north carolina in miami and and obviously names on the conference but they do play five. Acc games this year and from gambling perspective. This is how we look at things a game. They're already likely lose clemson..

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