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Thirty dollars commission fee. Restrictions apply. I'm seven forty to a group of theologians is putting a woman's touch on the bible. Holland an inside job where many secular feminists have called the bible, a tool of patriarchal oppression, a group of Protestant and Catholic women theologians is assisting that properly interpreted the gospels can be a tool for promoting women's emancipation. They've produced a new translation which challenges long held biblical images of women as servants or subordinate to men as one puts it feminist values and reading the bible are not. Incompatible. Vicki Barker, CBS news, a blue eyed, husky named Sinatra's back with his family in Brooklyn after being missing for eighteen much a girl found him three weeks ago eleven hundred miles away in Florida wrong information on an ID chip slow to return, but social media eventually worked its magic Sinatra has special meeting for the family was part of a pet of a teenage girl killed in a gun action. It's not known how he got to the sunshine state hunters summit lost his wallet on a flight to Las Vegas for his sister's wedding in that Wallin sixty dollars cash and a four hundred dollar check. He was upset but accepted the fact he'd probably never see it again. Well, he was wrong. Just a few days later, he got a package with wallet. And a letter from a stranger who only find it with his initials saying he found the wallet on a flight from Nebraska to Colorado. He added another forty bucks to the sixty dollars in cash, social Matt would have an even one hundred dollars. To celebrate the wallets return Chemin is trying to track down the kind man to thank him a..

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