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The day after christmas the dow nasdaq and sp just down at less than a point wgn sports now the blackhawks will be in vancouver on thursday the pregame with chris at 830 the face off at nine with john and troy right here on seven twenty wgn and wgnradiocom the bulls are in action tonight they are in milwaukee and there is a ballgame tonight northern illinois we'll take on duke at 415 this after new wgn traffic brought to you by cabello's here's roger badische and right now ran wrote stillclosed been closed for a couple of hours now because of an accident between oaksst and state park road we've got to other issues going on on the expressways toys and highways two left lanes blocked because of a vehicle coal fire that's westbound i right before beverley road and we also have an accident blocking the left lane on southbound tristate right before i won ninety and we also have an accident on the northbound stevenson right before kids he avenue as far as your travel times go on the kennedy inbound from o'hare to downtown much 23 minute trip seventeen minutes going back out checking the travel times on the rest of the area expressways toys and highways around the chain adams the accident there the inbound size of twentyfive minute trip coming from route thirty one to the tristate going back out it's now up to thirty six minute trip everything else seems to be moving.

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