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The mets have scored just was over there last twenty four innings they didn't score at all today to the cubs at city field to nothing chicago completing the fourgame weekend sweep got seven scoreless innings from john lester how the are bias stole home in a seven stamp scoreless tie before ben zobrist followed with a sack fly ball that jay bruce should have caught instead louis ski or made it awkward cash out of position to make a clean throw home stephen matt's takes a loss yielding both runs on five hits over seven the mets have now dropped four straight nine of eleven they'll host the orioles tuesday night tide frazier's expected to be back in the lineup joan assessment is scheduled to take live batting practice that day could return sooner than expected meanwhile the yanks orioles were rained out again in baltimore today they'll make it up with a daynight doubleheader on august twenty fifth luis severino slated to pitch we'll start in the first of two in detroit tomorrow afternoon saying a quick check of the scoreboard in the american league bottom of the first red sox lead the astros two to one the angels beat the rangers three one the mariners knocked off the race to one it was a blue jays eight tigers for the twins over the indian seventyfive and the as outscored the royals five to one and the national league bottom fit the padres doubled or other leading the reds for to the dodgers down the rockies ten seven it was the giants six phillies one the diamondbacks beat the marlins six one the braves doubled up the nationals for two cardinal shut down the pirates five zip and an interleague play the white sox beat the brewers today six to one we'll check in on the nba finals next fan twenty twenty sports time is eight two when we go out to eat we never agree on where to go on burgers pizza talk as it is so one thing we do agree on.

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