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Stayed by Mark Webber and sponsored by the Van Heusen Company and G three apparel WR and W x Q. HD to New York relaunch, Restart. Recover. This'd is where New York comes for everything you need to know the voice of New York 7 10 W O R an I Heart radio station. It's 36 cloudy at eight o'clock. Good evening. I'm Steve Greenfield. A winter weather advisory in the bank from 7 A.m. Monday to 7 A.m. Tuesday. Here we go again. Meteorologist Jeffy No as you, WR Weather Channel forecast just a moment. Ah homeless man charged with murder and attempted murder after police say he confessed to four unprovoked subway knife attacks here in the city. One of the victims has been identified as 44 year old clothing. Roberts. And 21 year old Rigoberto Lopez is accused of stabbing the four people in a 14 hour span on the train hated between Far Rockaway in Upper Manhattan Back on Friday. He was arrested yesterday in Washington Heights, according to the Daily News. Cops say he is mentally ill. His last known address was a homeless shelter in Brooklyn, and police say he has four prior arrests, including one for felony assault. Back in January. More than 150. Firefighters were on the scene this morning in Queens. The battle of four alarm fire Paul the Castro files this report, officials say the blaze broke out on the ground floor of a one story dollar store on Jamaica Avenue in Jamaica around 7:30 A.m. Itcause service on the J subway line to be briefly suspended in both directions between Jamaica Center and Crescent Street due to the fire being located below and above ground train station, no injuries..

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