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Otis redding now take a listen to this batman now man grab yup the man fled sad small no no no van der waals now as faca fat back fast sad song by the way otis redding my guest is steve cropper steve you yuko wrote that song with odas to tell me a little bit about dinner and there's a i think a funny story about heller songs written here now we're in the motel on third street riding on different song and he heard horn parched for otis always heard one parche and he's given me the sound of a saxophone is gone i want fifa thoughts have i said hold reuter our said there might be asanin there as epa so if you listen to the songs that steve cropper kohl wrote without a shredding the lyrics are always about him and that's where that song came i keep saying and he said said song zhou said sounds is all i know songs are the songs are oldest thinking about himself is up you're seeing yeah it's hours wrote lurks without us and helped him finishes his ideas and and the lyrics ira or always about odors because otis was just to me bigger than life he was amazing and you talked about earlier how young he was he was young but i looked up at him as an older brother i didn't did not know we with the same age so voters were still alive he be the same age as me i think his birthday was in september man's in october tell me a little bit more about oddest like i notice from the like the mon monory pop recordings like i know oldest from from listening to his music you knew him as a person does not many people who who did tommy a little bit of a lot otis redding was like is just a guy well he was just different than most people in two ways one is.

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