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Like we're gonna have very little tracking a lot of work but just go to first book com forward slash tim and tried out because it is a very good product and i think you will find simplifies your life enjoy hello ladies and germs this is tim ferriss and welcome to another upset of the tim ferriss show where it is my job to tease out distill share the habits routines life lessons belief systems and so on of worldclass performers from all different demands this episode features entrepreneur and supermodel carly kloss that's two ks can find her on instagram and elsewhere at carly kloss k a r l i e k l o s s crawley was discovered at a local charity fashion show at age thirteen and by this point i think she's been on forty five fifty covers something like that carly fashion career quickly took off and she's walked for top designers including oscar de la renta christian dior alexander mcqueen for sachi among others she's also starred in many major campaigns including dita's or the us depending on where you're listening to this donna karen dull chain 'gabon dior calvin klein caroliina harare from getting that right shown my stripes here and serov sqi among many many others but i wanted to have carly on this show not just because of her modeling career of course which i think it's discounted because thousands tens of thousands of women or girls come into the world of modeling in very few make it to the top very few last a long time in very very few still are able to translate to other things outside of modeling carly's passion for technology led her to take code in classes learning to program inspired by codings endless possibilities she then launched code with clausi k o d code with classy a nonprofit that empowers young women to learn to code and become leaders and tech which in two thousand eighteen will expand to fifty camps in twenty five cities and may go well beyond that time magazine has recognized carly for her entrepreneurship and philanthropic work on its time one hundred list.

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