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Yeah so going out to new orleans was gonna give me the opportunity that the display you know what i could do in in i was able to do that in training camp from fortunately there's that was one of the time i was able to present it i just kind of want to annoy steam a little bit right now to be honest with you so are you really considering the cowboys if they called you'd be into it i know steve as he got to pay with the cowboys i i grew up a cowboys fan yeah i grew up a cowboys fan oilers but you know mostly cowboys i'm my hometown's hour an hour and fifteen twenty minutes from dallas my first nfl game was watching the cowboys play you know so yeah on your helmet i just wanna to tell you that being or you just ignore khanate molly don't listen to molly they got zeki elliott dan all of that stuff they don't listen you don't need to go there there don't contaminate yourself all right your might compromise your all wearing that know i didn't even i didn't even think about this i didn't even think about this until just now but you're the perfect person to ask this question to lebanon bell has been in the news as of late because obviously the steelers confronting franchise him again and you know he's looking for some long term dollars he's twenty six years of age three hundred twenty one carries eighty five receptions that's four hundred six touches his mentality is is dead he should be one of the highest payed dudes and they shouldn't even be hesitating about it because of all he brings to the table how do you feel about that situation him being a running back a feeling he's worth so much more because of the multitude of things that he does.

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