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The pull that i saw where people said wa in off your we'll chair you should be able to commit suicide but not in a wheelchair you shouldn't okay you're starting to degrade life right there or make judgments on what is a life worth worth worth living we talk about partial birth abortion just abortion in general and what it does to nama society about what a human life is we talk about the the the the fact that feminine modern feminism will the father is it needed and a family we know the effect we can see the effect nobody debates the effect of fathers not being a part of families irrespective of race and yet we try to pretend that fathers aren't are you know aren't aren't important what we live in a society that's gone that way than we live in a society that says we must promote all freedom and liberty when you do that we're not going to live in a totalitarian society we're not going to live behind fences were not going to be afraid every single day we're not going to make our schools prisons and that's what the mindset of this country has ban will then unless you decide to make them prisons it's going to be easier to kill young children that's just the reality of it i can't stop it you can't stop it and so that's the decision that's why it's so hard because the decisions and things you would have to do our soul radical that it goes against what the core of most people's heart and soul is about the society that we that they wish to live in whether it's the elimination and confiscation of all guns which isn't going to happen or absolute prison camps for schools which in all likelihood isn't going to happen either no because out of and i and and you and i i you know and it's a it's a terrible thing to think but you know week because then it gets back to okay if we had fewer clips and it's like well you know ah if if we only had you know smaller clips are just uh rifles weren't allowed her handguns without a number of rounds in a magazine or right level these all of these you know a two it it goes back again to the intent of the.

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