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Shoes that may prevented from surviving longterm share well well uh i mean i think the way the developers want to run things well first of all the i the fact that they do want to run things is ridiculous and the way they want to do it is very dumb dassault doesn't bitcoin have more all coins than any other coin on the market iran more like forks and but i you know maybe maybe they'll learn so i so i don't i don't know what's going to happen well i mean it's you know it's certainly nice wealth effect for anybody who owns any metal bitcoin but it's it's definitely gonna be a big disappointment if it tumbles and you know the mining goes all to bitcoin cash or something and i wish i could but i won't be disappointed but well i'm sorry i know you won't be disappointed a matter what yeah no but um because he got all his and eat their classic which is sleeping giant alligator absolutely why just is i think that he danny is not serious that there was a a decision eight i made the decision to buy a little easier him class are while about back when i was even i was less cynical than i am now i i you know wh lo well i actually thought that the um the on honesty was going to win you know we also want it first happened i did too i even had a i mean at all as a barge but i had with your aim classic it was going to hang on to it but then the price kept either.

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