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Honest opinion, a jury in New York City convicts, the leader of a sex cult that attracted Hollywood actresses and heiresses, Keith Rene, was found guilty of manipulating his women to vote tease, shame and humiliation and turning them into sex slaves. The jury in Brooklyn federal court took less than five hours to return guilty verdict on all counts of sex trafficking and related crimes, ios attorney Richard Donahue calls the guru a modern day. Sven gali. He threw near his crime spree has. Ended and his victims will finally see Justice sentencing is set for September twenty fifth Rene continues to maintain he is innocent, and will appeal the conviction YouTube thinking about making far reaching changes to protect young viewers. This following a number of consumer groups complaints alleging the Google owned company, failed to protect minors and improperly collected. Their data executives reportedly, considering removing all kids content from the site rep says the company considers lots of ideas for improving the site, and some remain just that ideas adding, others, we develop and launch, like our restrictions to minors, live streaming or updated, hate speech policy. Kristin Goodwin, Fox News. The Wall Street Journal reports the proposed changes are motivated in part by an ongoing Federal Trade Commission investigation in Pennsylvania, the FBI arrest a Syrian refugee for allegedly planning to attack a Christian church and pits. Berg. The pastor of the church says news of the threat has been overwhelming. I was in the grateful.

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