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A curious near point of view if they were to make that decision how disappointing without news bdo huge bizarre vault with our fault everybody in his locker room uh you know we to make enough plays if that happens of a vj to be here vida is one hell of a coach and we put them in a lot of the city situations so um hopefully they give him once hanson in off let's get a roster again one more chance i mean if a lot of his in here who things might be going a different way so i mean asa we understand as to business but we definitely didn't do what we thought we were gonna do when we came back in april in the spring um you know business we'll see how to business they cares if i'm now suet are to jail appreciate the timing congratulations on the thousand yards thank you with tax breaks over you will carry thank you tyler amir with a wide receiver punt return or jordan taylor in a jordan guys though it come up short here today but you personally got to feel pretty good about the way you close the season you really showed the broncos in their fans that you got something going into next year yeah i mean obviously if agree to get out there and make some blaze um in our hearts to come up short you know again but i guess that's kind of been now the imo for the season so uh like i say it it felt good to get out there and have more of an impact on offense i guess so uh not hurts to lose but you will hopefully will bounce back next year i think i said that she a couple of weeks ago where a number 8070 remind me a lot of mccaffrey that catch you made today that uh they ruled wasn't a catch just a great great body control on that very very impressive appreciate appreciate it yet unfortunately get too big rafidah i guess i couldn't get that other foot foot quite imbalanced.

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