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How to fail to get back out there. This game teammates. Overturn smart. What would you want to say to those people who question you come back? Entitled to their own opinion. Appreciate. I leave my boys. Hey, how's the name feel comfortable? So some people might think maybe there could be some Russ. You haven't played since February. Twentieth. You come out you got thirteen for thirteen. How do you do that? After the extended time off. Came back a few games ago. But they wanted to get my conditioner. Right. One hundred ten percent. So. Stop me better. How much was your mentality? Coming into this game show ready to show people what you're able to do and how much built up energy. Did you have have enough played in a while? How a lot of energy. Kill every game. So it was just great to give on court. I on how do you feel about a chance to play Carolina tomorrow night? So what do you feel about a chance to play Carolina tomorrow night? Great game. Arrive resolve excited. Thank you. About the bay. They got tied up by war. Senator the white the new left quarter to three perfect shot. The puck it by Colby wipe to stop the rod. North Carolina's four thirty seven thirty three. Here's Cameron Johnson. Fall for Carolina. Fouts passed away at following voter off the glass. No good. They get your in screen, and they're better at if you walk..

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