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And then I'm flying out six AM on Friday morning. Oh, why first flight out? Great to El Torito. Well, I mean, I landed eight forty five so I doubt I'll go straight till, Tori. Well on man, it's going to be a blast. The I probably will stop at home. I okay. Yeah. Could do that. I'll buy four dollar Al humidor shot. Well, thank you. I appreciate it. Yes. So you had a theory about the hiring of the coach. So my theory is this Bill Plaski was only a couple of weeks ago, and he talked about how basically Kirk Rambus to use a curb your enthusiasm verb is being foisted on on people as an assistant coach and the associate head coach for that matter. And I think that that's been a challenge. I do believe that any coach. Who's got any value to him is going to be like, why do I gotta take that guy? Like, he what is he done? And Secondly, he's not my guy, and he's going to be a mole for you. Like, why do I want that? Like, nobody is going to want that. So I do think that that has been potentially at least a hurdle in at least one of these guys. Could it not be as simple as? And I'm speculating here money Williams's their first choice and he's not available yet. It could be but money Williams being their first choice would be bad. Why I don't think money Williams? Look, I've talked to enough people that have played for money Williams. And they love him as a guy, and they think he's the perfect lead assistant because he can play both good cop bad cop. And as a former player and all that stuff. He can relate to guys, but schematically he leaves a lot to be desired. So he's Juwan Howard more attractive than money Williams, in your opinion because he's a clean slate. Because he could you know, yes, he would he would be more willing to try different things. Well, he's going to run a lot of the Spoelstra sets. Right. Because that's where he's that's where he's got an out. I think he's he's gonna well not necessarily. But yeah, I do think that he would maximize LeBron in very similar fashion than no brainer thing. Just to hire. Tyler do. I think so I mean, he's he knows this routine. He's got championship experience. He's been with LeBron. He he's known a Laker. There you go. And he's even a light. Right. Here's a here's a chance to actually to do the Laker thing. The guy that understands the Laker thing and understands the LeBron thing it just seems like a no brainer to me. I always encouraged by who Tyron Lou wanted to hire his lead assistant. Did you see that Toronto? Yeah. Tom dibitetto. But that was not gonna timid oh doesn't want to do it. But but Tyler said I'd like to try and make them an offer he can't refuse which would be fun because he's a defensive guru and he's a former head coach. And you know that going back to what you were talking about George. It leads you to leave the tight Lou would not be scared to have other thority fig..

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