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Now stands convicted for his role as the ringleader of the murderous winter hill gang his lawyer told reporters at the time. Mr. Bolger knew as soon as he was arrested that he was going to die behind the walls of a prison. Jim Chenevey, CBS news. Eighty nine year old was serving a life sentence. After being convicted of a slew of crimes, including participating in eleven murders. Bolger had just been transferred to the West Virginia prison yesterday, again, James Whitey Bolger is dead. CBS news special report and Allison keys and with more on the sixteen year manhunt that finally snagged Whitey Bolger back in twenty eleven we turned to WBZ TV's. Lisa Hughes in June of two thousand eleven the FBI tried something different airing. This public service announcement aimed at finding Bulger's girlfriend, Catherine Greg G is wanted for harboring James Whitey Bulger a fugitive on the FBI's ten most wanted lead news coverage of the effort brought in the tip that broke the case as we learned when he was finally arrested Bolger and Greg were hiding in plain sight in this apartment in Santa Monica at approx. Five forty five PM Pacific standard time using a Reuss agents and other taskforce members lured Mr. Bolger out of his apartment agents determined that the individual was in fact, Mr. Bolger and just like that the man hunt many thought would never succeed ended with Bulger's arrest. And be sure to stay tuned to WBZ News Radio for our continuing coverage of the death of Boston mobster, Whitey Bulger. WBZ news time one fifty two..

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