Sarah Huckabee Harrison, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, President Trump discussed on Ethan Bearman


That harrison hera sarah huckabee harrison could be huckabee sanders detroit history last night sarah huckabee sanders is taking questions about this did she should any light on the administration sort of response you know she she referred or was asked about you know the the email aspect of it you know page in struck and and basically said you know if it shows our concerns and you know obviously related to that to the concerns about the the deep state that the president has talked about and sort of indicated that we might hear a little more when the fbi director holds a news conference later today now you know someone has just pointed out to me sent me a an email separate that i just happened to open up while we were talking that struck was not the sole decision maker in any of these things so perhaps the you know the political views didn't carry as much weight and you know there's some some belief that you know they in some instances actually wanted more investigative more investigative measures who did oh struck and page you know within the fbi now one of the things that you know everybody's jumped on is why did you know why was why would the emails or the the emails that were discovered you know and why did we only find out about it at the end of october in the air and maybe that's just the way they prioritize them but it's just hard to say.

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