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Going to say that i've noticed is i cannot recall maybe y'all can correct me i cannot recall ruined more doing a single campaign event in jefferson county now he only did it and uh i guess i did he ever the erika weber really or even the only event i ever saw from birmingham was when they did that emergency press conference standing in for that white honda evermore cut that out by that ever emergency press conference in front of algom is not a campaign event in your pocket around even they're right in your you're talking about jefferson county alabama those populist county in the in the state you're talking about birmingham representing i think i've heard roughly a quarter of the population without the eu yup if you lose birmingham as much as he lost birmingham you're gonna lose the state it was a perfect storm for democrats personally i'm looking forward to 2020 'cause we going to have senator doug jones and 2020 oh it's just not going to happen alitalia not turn and blue enjoy it why you have it this will be the last ever while i'm not gonna say last this with you have but the last uh they'll has ever mccracken senator the we ever allow the way um it's super fifteen the rome were still not concede the election and he lost by twenty thousand seven hundred fifteen vote well oh he's ever been uh and it is the law that if he ever is he going to concede this election anything as he ever as it is going to conflate i i heard on hurt for the sake you to say i hope that it does it you know the the voters have spoken to that on twenty although the counterfeiters the voters have spoken can we move on and go to the next thing there are some real problems in the state right now you're some real problems that need to be addressed there are real problems with the dell latitude zenon bialokur as auburn football's offensive line that we have some problems in the state that.

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