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There's going to be times and this is going to be on frank vogel in labonte managing where there's going to be four minutes left in the game and russ as it playing defense and is facing the floor and they're going to have to pull russell westbrook off in late moments in a game and say we way ellington out there or something insane like that and i just don't know chris how russell westbrook's going to handle something like that as a pro as a former mvp. He ain't going there to sit on the bench and crunch time and that is another issue. The lakers are going to have to manage because you could tell coups mind. Kcpt hey sit on the bench. I don't know lavar how you tell a star and russell westbrook is a star. How you sit on the bench at the games because you can't shoot the basketball. They're not going to tell him to sit on the bench. They're gonna have to figure it out what they're going to have to do. But you have that. One bruce all. You're the expert. No that's why lebron needs to be the primary decision-maker lebron we know. He ain't westbrook like the ball in their hands. Lebron will give it up if he trusts your decision making but he's not going russell westbrook as great as he is in j. mac. He's not a star. He's a superstar as gray and legendary as he is. He's never been known as the wisest decision maker and that will be frustrating. Lebron lebron has to runway. I think lebron should look at it. Like i'm magic johnson. And i'm the third scoring option and then it'll be the third lean score. Lebron will get twenty points just by playing thirty minutes again just by being on the floor. He's that good. He's going to get twenty plus he needs to make sure a and westbrook get said if he goes with that mentality. I think that's best for the lakers. And like i said..

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