President Trump, Theo Joe Biden, Congress discussed on Frank Beckmann


None of this was that you know, the whole argument is going to be over whether he did enough to fight off the Corona virus or whether it was Congress that stood in this way is as he points out because he he addressed this way back in January. I wonder within the campaign what the conversation is about that topic. Going for us if we know that the president did absolutely everything he could He listen to the doctors. You heard Dr is a fact that he is not sidelined. He is on the forefront. Fighting this with the President. Leave that everything that that the scientists, doctors That that everybody has recommended. This was this is a pandemic. On president of pandemic, but at the same time, he had an unprecedented private and public partnership to ensure that every single person who had needed a ventilator had a ventilator. We have the best and most testing in the world. These were all facts. If Theo Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, keep fearmongering. And hiding out because they realized that you know, hiding behind rotavirus is their best chance at winning. You know, that's I guess that's their prerogative. But I can tell you this. There's a reason why I still to this day, no matter what, even despite All the challenges we're facing. The American people know President Trump is better on the economy and that is we need a president who's better yet call me heading out of this and leading us into Forrester on years of recovery. Every part of what's the confidence level heading into these final 15 days before November, 3rd. Wait. Feel good. I mean, in Michigan and Florida, North Carolina and all these key states that we need to win. You know the numbers and the excitement and then and the level of enthusiasm are trending our way. But in saying that we also need our folks to get out and both.

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