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Mario wasn't like the first rumored one was stolen him under the bus know and he's like a lightning now now now and a jog jog attested in a job. What was his partner. Yes yes shot out the beat. Doug questioning folded into undergraduate at the end of the day is is I mean look. That's one of the things that people can just say. I guess nowadays. I mean you know and everything sorta halts when you say covert so. I'm being too by the producer that lawrence a coli. I'm a beasts. I'm a savage is coming on at ten thirty. Am so if you wanna. If you wanna ask mr kolia question you know what you gotta do. You gotta be obeyed three on of tbb head on over to patriots dot com for its last box invoice where you will find the post for the wbo champion indie cruiserweight division lawrence o. Coli remember a coli is probably coming on in direct response to the last cruise away interview. We had where someone wanted to fight with him. Do you remember who was it who was on this show and mentioned the coal lease name was a razaki on. I wasn't even it was Damn lozeg guessing. He said second. The guy he's like wasn't wait. I wasn't even know but you're right. It's brandon gluten blat ranting latent. Thank you yes. I think pronounced in the wrong. Didn't he say it's landau shit. Yeah i think it is. Glenn don't worry chap once you get that belt we all know your name. Coley coley coming on. He's in he's in a power position right. He's mattress firm. He's got the wbo so if he wants to give brand matter of fact somebody send brandon to me. Make sure the co Tell him his call it and why we got his man launch coli from the barber shop. He bought the komo shop. Anybody get shot. Put him on the black very right now. Try i bet you were gonna say we're going to have him on the line on the night. You love canal. Oh man get yourself a new fuck fucking favorite fighter. Get the plan Canelo bite saw. They look see. That's why i love yellow pike. Jeff you really need a check from your man already seen messages. I got jeff and so many group chats already so ridiculous to my head. Jeff is afraid messages to reject everything laugh. He liked to have more. come on. come on. You need to crash the party. They gotta gotta for open god. That's why i thought him too. Because i'm always hearing about the cruiserweight that jeff mentions. And that's executive who ryan ryan ryan executive brian. My wendy got what you got into cup champion. I got some express. Oh bro extra straw. I thought you have cov- well you know what the coffee plus tb. They can't get you going on a friday. I don't know what will do me. Do me made me in espresso. That was the best espresso ever had in my life champ. What was it it was it was my own little little mix in in case you don't know but do me a a barista coffee shop when i'm old and shit. You know i'd love to do that as well like We don't have that many here in the south. Bronx especially where i live. We you got the bodecker's do coffee. But you don't have like sit down little cafe yet where i do. My shit taught like like my grandparents. Oh you poor sought you know what it is. it's like it looked like a kettle. You put the water in the bottom. You put the coffee grounds on top of the water and it steams up onto the top down saga the old school member with the strain on the floor deploring. The looked like a sock coffee. Poppy whistling a boils you could hear the bubbling going up but not not so much whistling but yet by yeah on a friday. Long week here plus. I've been put in the work this week on the box invoice. Thank you having me. Your has your subscriber count. Let me check defunct thing. We almost got him a. Oh yeah my suburbs. My subs go up. But you know whenever i speak what i believe in. Sometimes they go up. Sometimes i lose a couple so you know not like that nets for letting me speak my mind cause You know not everybody's willing to do that now they don't they don't like you around him just saying he said we'll come out. They semi you know. They don't like your your truth. Why have i call in. After after i left the other day. I don't want to say his name but he he he's on my brother. My brother joe habib show every now and again and he's getting mad or you're talking about the very angry caller. Because i had an issue with him constantly call in i n words and i'm like dude are you black and i'm like if you not black like don't be calling my people end words. I don't care if you speak. Spanish or whatever country think you're from like that's not appropriate and he got real mad at me for it. It is what it is. Well rick rommel swell ape rick man. Can i send you the link because you. We have to have a conversation. I just remembered. Man you talkin about earl wasn't ever going look the same and we need to have that conversation an urban looking good now he's impact. Yeah come on. Rick brown most trainer of my mccaskill by the butcher her lasting but remember break was i think he's gonna come back. Yeah he say he never he never gonna be the same. Yeah man what's up. 'cause he definitely came back in his last fight against danny garcia for real. You know really. No one thought he would do we. I expected tuna. Like you know. He said no tune-ups row..

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