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In Boston, wearing the badge at the helm after William Broads suddenly retired last week. This is brand new Boston police commissioner Dennis White today. I am fulfilling the dream of my mother. That you saw for me? I'm so thankful to me a wash for seeing her vision come true for me. Very much swearing in ceremony, Deputy Superintendent in 2014 My mom was terminally ill with lung cancer. She needed assistance of an oxygen of oxygen and a wheelchair to be at my ceremony in 2014. When I nailed to her, she pin my badge on me kissed me. Whispered in my ear. God can take me now. She was so proud of my accomplishments. Why was sworn in earlier today has been on the force in Boston 4 30 years and today, Boston Mayor Walsh announced the launch of the city's rental voucher program. This program is similar to Section eight. It will provide hundreds of low income Boston households with rental help. Is it snowing where you are yet? Washington D. C. Got a few inches of snow on Sunday. Now New York is supposed to get us much is 2 Ft. Of Snow there talking an inch an hour for 24 hours. You could do the math President Biden was already hunker down at the White House. ABC is Karen Travers with details of Biden's weekend there. President Biden spent the weekend behind closed doors at the White House. His only public appearance was attending Mass at Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown. The White House officials say he was busy meeting with advisers to discuss his covert 19 relief package and the pandemic response. President Biden spoke by phone to Maine Republican senators Susan Collins, inviting her and nine of the Republican senators to the White House today to talk covert relief. The president also spoke to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Karen Travers. ABC NEWS Washington Gearing up for the impeachment trial, former President Donald Trump has hired a new impeachment defense team after his last I person squad of lawyers quit over the weekend. So what went wrong? ABC, Cecilia Vega reports It came down to a disagreement over strategy. The lawyers wanted to go with impeaching a president post presidency is unconstitutional. The president really wanted them to argue his baseless claim that the election was stolen. We are just a week out for this impeachment trial, so the president is now bringing on two pretty experienced trial Lawyers. David showing Bruce Castor Castor was a former D A, who made his name for refusing to prosecute Bill Cosby. He was later sued by one of Cosby's accusers and new arrest in the capital riots. ABC is Erica Turkey with more on that. Brian Sampson of Pennsylvania was accused of joining others in pushing over a police barricade and knocking a female officer to the ground. The officer told the FBI Samsel pulled her up, saying We don't have Hurt you. Why are you standing in our way Sam Soul who was on parole before the riot was also wanted in New Jersey for assault. Troy Faulkner kicked through a shudder at the Capitol and called the FBI hotline to admit it. Agents also attract extensive social media activity about his role in the riot, during which he wore a jacket advertising his painting business on the back. Aaron Carter SKI ABC NEWS New York In court today, a Massachusetts driver whose state police say punched an officer in the face then pushed his head into the pavement during a violent struggle over the weekend. 29 year old Devin Fuller ordered held on $50,000 cash bail. Police say the trooper clocked Fuller traveling at 81 miles an hour in a 55 MPH zone. This was in Randolph. They say he pulled over but then refused to get out of his car and then punched the trooper. Now, at one point during the struggle, the trooper was pushed. In the path of an ongoing or oncoming vehicle. That driver was able to get out of the way in time. Fuller charged with assault with intent to murder failure to stop for police, drug possession and more It was bar stool Sports versus Somerville Mayor Joker to Tony a legal skirmish before members of the state Supreme Court today, Carl Stevens with details the Massachusetts wiretapping law, the two party consent law makes it a crime to secretly record a conversation. The attorney for Somerville, Mayor Joker to Tony argued that Kirk Minute hand with bar Stool sports did that when he tricked the mayor into a phone interview a recorded interview, claiming he was Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen. But just this, Lloyd pointed out the recording was not secret section 99. It's intending, is it no one secretly recorded That mayor would not secretly recorded. He understood he was being recorded. Justice George echoed that sentiment, saying Secret means secret means secret. The court will rule at a later date. Carl Steven stop BBC Boston's news radio. You have the app..

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