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It might not be until midseason or late season or twenty twenty two before he becomes a player that looks or resembles a first round pick The last Ron rivera sound bite. That i wanted to play for you Ease on the overall offfensive skill position players which was sort of at the top of my list of the things that i liked on. Here's what he said. There was a lot of good things that we can work with. That really were We saw some guys at that really did flash. Well you know the Look cited about our speed out there with niamey. I thought the the overthrow was little bit him. Not quite understanding. you know to. You know that you've always got to get off that line like you're the guy and he'll get better at that and with his speed he'll make those plice we hit him on a couple of nice throws underneath and and and his speech show so that was one of the huge pluses Using the titans was another plus for us in the in the fourth quarter. You saw stephen throwing the ball to the backs. Those are things that we got to be aware of because we do have some pretty good backs out of the backfield. They have a lot of versatility with their running backs as receivers gibson mckissick. I think patterson as well you know. let's not forget. jd. Mckissick last year was number. Two on the team in receptions with eighty. He was number two on the team in targets. With one hundred ten antonio gibson caught thirty six balls last year The it's not that ryan fitzpatrick is at check down guy. But they're going to be called plays to get the ball out to gibson mckissick and maybe patterson in space you know. We saw a lot of run extension throws in the scott turner offense last year. And i think you're going to see it again. These guys at in-space are really good at making people miss and getting you know yardage that nest isn't necessarily isn't necessarily there with a lot of running backs great versatility with their running back situation right now. I think that's encouraging. I wanted to play too. Quick soundbites from taylor heineke. I'm he spoke after the game and he was asked about two of the young offensive players de army brown. And jared patterson. Here's what he said about the army brown the always a talent And you can see every day in practice. He's getting better. He's understand the offense better and He's got world class speed on the football field. So i know a lot of the offense guys are very excited about him. I know fits is really excited about him as well. So again. We're we're really looking forward to seeing what you can do this year. Everybody loves yami brown out there. They loved them before the draft. They love him even more now. He's another guy that can take the top off of defense to go with mclaren And there is great excitement. You heard him even refer to. What fits thinks of diani brown. This is you know who knows. Maybe it's terry maclaurin to imagine having both of them. Here's what he said about. Jared patterson listened to the copy makes yet. He's small do but he's got he's got a lot toughness and he's really quick You know if you go back and watch a lot of the tape from. Darren sproles back in the day. The chargers reminds me a lot of him so Really quick make people mess on his hands. it's really exciting to watch. Darren sproles Not a bad comp My one prediction off of last night's game In terms of a new prediction jarrett. Patterson's going be on the final roster. I think he is. I could be dead wrong. He could just be one of these. Preseason heroes that gets cut brought back to the practice squad. Nobody else is interested in them. He just looks the part to me. He looks like he's got all that you would want in a change of pace back and potentially even a third round bat third down back. I wonder what they would do to keep him. Would they get rid of mckissick mckissick. Six not a big burn in terms of cap number but mckissick was good last year and i think turner really likes mckissick. And he's more of a veteran guy on a very young team But i think. They're keeping patterson i don't think they can expose them. I one more segment couple of things from the other game last night including the way philadelphia approached the game last night. Also what the chargers are thinking about With respect to their preseason that is washington's week one opponent all of that right after these words from a few of our sponsors. Today's episode is sponsored by the nba and their quest to advance the game of basketball throw the community and impact culture. The league celebrates its teams players and fame's across the past present and future. As part of its seventy fifth anniversary season that's game highlights pivotal moments on court and beyond for.

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