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Right. And try your best to do that. And then the result of your shot is really the feedback. But we forget I put it on. And I'm like, oh my God. It's telling me to move my feet, turn my shoulders watch the ball. And I realize I'm actually not watching the ball. And if I forget then amateurs are going to be helped so much. But this these commands that repeat, and and the beauty of the product is if you working on your forehead, it has five six seven commands that come on every. You hit your Ponant hit or you can change it. And have every third time you hit. You don't have it on when you're Ponant, but you can also program your own command. So for you, John and my feet. Hey, John move your feet after you hit the ball or John get back to the middle or watch the ball. Not like you. Yes. I guess, but you don't you don't necessary, and you wanna try and think of five or six things at the same time without thinking about them. We have it who started playing tennis at four or five years old, but somebody who's an amateur and started late in life moving feet when the other guys hitting making split step when the other person's hitting watching the ball until it hits strings like federal does. That's it's not that easy to remember. So you have this command. And this little speaker on your on your wrist where you hear it. No one else hears it. But you it's an unbelievable workout. Because when he tells you to move your feet, you're thinking visit no I'm not moving my. Properly. So we have these other Herat's will you can measure the spin of your ball. And I don't know do I need to know if I hit it at a thousand PM's or two or three or four thousand how do I do that? I rather have it positive command of what I try and do and hopefully, I do it. And then the result is that the ball goes in so neuro tennis. I think yes, I love the idea. And I love the fact that coach pin go in and and and tell somebody owns a neuro Chinese wearable that and this and I'm gonna put in a few commands to you. 'cause you're not moving your feet. You're not gonna your shoulders or and you need to do that more than other people. So my voice will be on there with that command. And that's what neuro tenants is going to website, please near a tiny dot com near attendance dot com forward slash shop..

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