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Many bottles of shampoo do you have going on in your shower at any one time because I have currently six Ooh and I realized this is like one of those things where were you like shake off the myths that you've been? Indoctrinated with I realized I have this idea that you gotta switch up to. Keep your hair on its toes. I don't know what I'm doing but I just have this idea that like if you stick with one, then you start to experience like shampoo fatigue or something I think it comes from Neutrogena used to run ads in in the magazines I read, which was like sassy seventeen ym teen saying that you gotta periodically use Neutrogena to like reset your hair. I don't think that makes sense either I don't know if it was like a clarifying thing to remove residue or the build up. So periodically I was I would do that. Then I still like today I use it a different one just. To keep my hair guessing. And Real You're like playing games with your hair. That's right. Rules Netflix, with my hair. Really win three or four, but here's my problem is i. Don't think I've ever you shampoo and conditioner correctly like. I've always used way too much conditioner and I have a hairstylist. Now he's very honest with me a very blunt. So. Personally everyone right. But he tells me when I'm wrong and he's When I first started getting my hair done with him. He was disgusted with my choice of Shampoo Schnur and now you buy the expensive like nicer stuff 'cause I, have noticed the difference in my hair but I overuse the conditioner because he's always like you should. Like I always run out of conditioner well, before the Shampoo. So I don't know if I'm not washing my hair well enough or I'm over conditioning. So I have multiple shampoos but it's only because. When I run out of or when I ran out of one conditioner I'll tell my hairstylist and he'll say, well, this time you need. Extra triple moisturizer. Miss Time. I wanted to get the one that's just for blonde hair or this time I want you to get damaged extreme your hair's disaster whatever I think that's what it's called your hairs of disaster. Shampoo and I'll just buy whatever he tells me because I listen. And That's what I have. Multiple Shampoos 'cause I always run out of conditioner I, and then I still by this set. You know which one was. He disgusted by was it your Kirkland. Because I remember that used to be your go-to right That was so mad at me Kirkland I used forever, and then for a while I was just using Laurie Allen 'cause Amazon would just send it to me. It was so easy and then I got a stern talking to and I have never gone back. I view I use some..

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