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Twenty six degrees we have a few clouds around in Boston with sunshine it is ten thirty on this Thursday morning and thanks for joining us I'm Jim McKay here's what's happening was a dangerous scene playing out on route one in Saugus this morning had traffic stopped on route one for good period police taking a potential domestic violence suspect into custody and had him at gunpoint on the side of the road it was spotted driving a stolen truck in was wanted as a potential suspect in a domestic investigation or someone was stabbed last night in revere mass state police now saying a thirty two year old man from revere is in police custody they're not releasing his name because it is domestic violence investigation the suspect is set to be booked at the state police barracks in Danvers revere police also notified of his arrest as well a vote expected today from house Democrats on Capitol Hill looking to limit military capabilities from president trump in Iran war powers resolution coming after the killing of Ronnie in general Qassem Soleimani senators rand Paul and Mike Lee both Republicans and backers of the president are going across party lines when it comes to this vote CBS is major Garrett has more on some of the debate right now with senators who are close allies to the president left the response to one of their more ardent defenders in the Senate Lindsey Graham who said both senators were in bolding the enemy that prompted rand Paul to call that a gutter response that insults the constitution and uses a fake drape of patriotism and we'll be following the developments in that war powers resolution vote coming up today and after the Tuesday night missile attack from Iran into a rack senior running in military leadership now saying it's just the beginning the head of the revolutionary guards aerospace force says the missiles were the start of a series of attacks and he says Iran could use cyber attacks to disable US planes and drone navigation systems Iran is sending mixed signals now president Rouhani also warned of a very dangerous response if the US makes what he calls another mistake CBS's Cammy McCormick reporting at the Pentagon investigators in Ukraine are now offering different theories about what happened to one of their seven thirty seven passenger jets that crashed just after takeoff from an airport in Tehran we get more from CBS is Peter king whatever happened to the jet happened so quickly that the plane's crew had no time to call for help is to turn back to the airport that comes from Iran civil aviation organization the crash came hours after a rand's missile attack in Ukrainian officials say they haven't ruled out a missile strike Iran's military spokesman says a missile did not hit the plane Ukrainian investigators also say had grown may have hit the plane it may have been terrorists or an engine problem Peter king CBS news and a fourteen year old boy rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car while riding a bike in Cambridge this happened just before eight this morning at the intersection.

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