Civil War, Saddam Hussein, Kidnapping discussed on Great Big History Podcast


Because this order is worse for him the english civil war was a terrible trauma in tragedy and the idea is that this order is worse and we now go to saddam hussein saddam hussein was a bad guy when we invaded in two thousand three is a bad guy you will not find me being an apologist for saddam hussein and yet iraq fell apart entered into civil war entered into local genocides of religious we inspired jihadists the shia killed murdered tortured all of the sunnis they could get their hands on meanwhile the sudanese in the same neighborhood or murdering torturing kidnapping killing all the shia they could get their hands on neighborhoods that used to be integrated for segregated and then fought with each other and wiped out one side or the other iraq in two thousand and two was not a nice place but it was predictable in a lot of ways you stayed away from saddam hussein he stayed away from his cronies you kept your head down a new could survive and live in this place women got educations the life the the standard of living was good government worked yeah there was cronyism there was violence there were bad things that happened the biebel would people have light a democracy sure but what happened was without a government the entire society fell apart and i have have had iraqi students refugees from two thousand five two thousand six two thousand seven and all them said it was better under saddam why because it was predictable in the civil war they lost their schools they became refugees they lost their homes they lost all their wealth they had to travel with only what they carried girls became prostitutes i had boys tell me how their sisters had to become prostitutes in order to make money for the family in syria while you were refugees.

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