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What are you saving them for? What are you trying to worry about his psyche for Manchester United desperate to get back in the champions Li like the time for coddling is over? So I mean, it was it. It was just a dreadful for to Hayes made three errors leading to goals in his last four games in all competitions for United as many as in his previous one hundred twenty three matches combined for Manchester United. So some you're right. This is so out of character. And it's for that reason that, you know, your gut is to say stick with them like he's done so much for you. But I don't know maybe it's harsh, but I just feel like we're past that now it's these games are to important and they're giving away too many points. They could be they could be in third right now. I cannot believe that it's in all they're going to sell shares plans. He's just got the job to move on one of the best goalkeepers in the world campy on. I think this. I think if it's a bad it's bad for their relationship. It's bad for social if he drops them. No, I think you should just write it out. I think he has Andrew on less. He knows something that you suggested that he will be moving. First of all, you suggested that I don't deal that was the rumor I saw today on one of those newspaper websites. Oh deal in rumors. That's our look at the Premier League for now before we take a break. I do want to get into a little bit of the stuff from the championship between villa and leads of sure most people listen to the show that means you're probably like in it enough that you've seen what happened player got hurt for Aston Villa stayed down. Well player got hurt for Leeds asked village with the ball out prior to that. Right, right. But the main issue was player frost Avila goes down leads play on in the middle of playing on Aston Villa players are ruining towards the players in Leeds players and possession waving their hands indicating to kick it out. It goes to the left back who was name escapes me for leads. He points as if he's kicking it out. He plays it down the line to was at click who goes in and scores. The gold on the next thing. There's Connor Horan loses his respective mind gets into it. There's all sorts of arms flailing, Patrick Bamford decides to go. For an Oscar winning platoon performance. I haven't seen yet if he's been punished retroactive race. There is precedent to to match ban has gone to players before who who feign injury to try to get red cards and situation. So John Terry's on the sideline, and it wouldn't be John Terry to being attract sued and not find a way to be involved. So there's words be Elsa. Indicates to his players that they're to let Aston Villa from the restart run the ball into the net that should be fine except Pontiac. The centre-back is not on that script attempts to tackle the villa player who slides into an empty name. Crazy still unbelievable scenes in a game of importance. I guess they're both now at that point. They were consigned would've taken a crazy gold. Swing to hold off Sheffield United. And I think that plays into a little bit of his thinking, by the way, it was a feisty affair Cooper gone for English. Dallas coulda gone for tackling released as well be Elsa. Got a yellow card before even a Leeds player. Got a yellow card..

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