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Accompanying and initially heckling it would seem who make Carlisle I can't give you anything but love. there was no. part of fats Waller they did pushed to the limit of everything there was no moment I would imagine in any aspect of his life were facts stopped and said I bet it dial it back here. one of the want to push this too far unless there are crazier takes that we've never heard but the but fats Waller was outsized in everything. one of the most extravagant and talented personalities ever. Sarah Vaughan before that for eight mis behave and fats Waller. from that time and and that kind of vernacular let's all say in the twenty first century together here we go one two three Jeepers creepers Tony Bennett Count Basie song book on W. NYC. those people. G. creeper. where did you get. how they get. god so. they get. when. he is where. all we. those heaters well you get. we..

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