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I want to start our conversation with a moment from your interview with the Shawn Watson for your latest ESPN cover story because you talked to him in July over zoom from your home in northern California where you are now and he was two thousand miles away in Houston and you ask them this very pointed question you asked what? ? Mean, , challenges does a lack quarterback face when decided to speak up on social issues. . How did this Shawn Watson answer that question? ? Pablo he answered it in two different ways and to very illustrative ways I would say. . He started by saying I. Think . you have to watch what you say sometimes. . See I think I think you have to watch what you say sometimes. . That was the the standard answer. . And then he stopped he looked down is if almost to chastise himself, , he slapped his hands on his knees and he said, , honestly I'm GonNa take that back I felt like. . I felt like. . Whenever. . Black. . quarterback especially speaks up dowse world sometimes on their educated enough to know what's going on. . So in reality they like, , Hey, , all. . Black QUARTERBACK S. . Shut up I know talking about. . That switch that he made taking it from what the outside world would think of him to what he thinks of that I thought was was really indicative of this change that he's made personally in the last say six months. . It was like he's still a work in progress. . He's twenty four years old. . He's a young man and he's still sort of has to remind himself that he's no longer straddling this corporate line that he's had to to straddle for three years as an NFL quarterback. . Let's trace that trajectory then because in profiling Watson, , you traveled to his hometown. . Of GAINESVILLE. . Georgia what did you learn about his thing? ? He started out in a public housing project pulled Harrison Square, , and if you watch to Sean play, , you'll see the wristbands that have eight, one, , , five on them, , and that is as a Al-Majd to eight one, , five Harrison Square where he started out with his mom and three siblings. . Everyone says to Sean was was just this facilitator. . He was everyone's and. . He had this charisma about him where he would bring other people along just because he was confident in how good he was. . He had been developing as a phenomenal athlete, , not just a football player, , but he was a great basketball player. . and to Sean was just had this ability, , he could do whatever he wanted even at that age. . He would always pass the ball. . He would always pick the kid at the end of line and bring him on his team. He . just had that welcoming personality and he was not boastful he was quietly confident. . And he became the star of Gainesville. . Georgia winning a State Championship in football and taking his basketball team to the final four. . From the outside, , it appears that he had sort of a gilded life. . We always start positive. . We always you know anything any -versity of negative stuff that hit us. . We always make sure that you know we learn from a real quick and then we turn to page and keep it pushing and keep moving forward. .

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