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Important to give victims the time of day and to really listen to their stories, but some are unsure who to believe it's kind of overwhelming. And I thought you know, it's just a lot of information. You don't know what to believe I kind of just out. I just waiting for whatever happens happens. I I'm until it's too much information about a hundred people out there rallied here at Westlake center. Aberdeen is stepping up its efforts to force homeless people out of their huge camp along the river. It's been there over a decade. But komo's Keith Eldridge says the mayor wants it cleared out even though there might not be a better place for them to go Larson says through the years this river camp has become dangerous with drugs crime, unsanitary, conditions and railyard right next to it. The city recently bought the property with the intent on moving the people out the newly installed gate was permanently. Locked keeping cars out, but not people who said he is brought in dumpsters. And also porta-pottys to help clean up the place, but cleaning out the people. Well, that's a different challenge. There is no housing available anywhere. Kurnia early says she's been living here for three years and has not been able to find affordable housing. We understand the issues of they don't really have anywhere to go. And so that's something that we're trying to create a dialogue and work on. But part of that dialogue is a trespassing ticket. If they don't soon leave probably going to go to jail. Glove for for the mayor says for those actively working with social service agencies. They can stay until they can get on their feet as long as you're doing some kind of services to show that you're bettering your your situation, Christina Gilchrist has been here on for a decade, but she MVSA Johnny Galatasaray. The mayor's new Porsche out is actually pushing them to do better. They're going to be a time when you're going to be able to to move out. I'm sure. Kopri? But it's still no guarantee that the people forced out here just won't end up on the city streets somewhere else, Aberdeen, Keith Eldridge. Komo news. Your money at twenty and fifty past the hour on KOMO news. And here's your KOMO propel insurance money update. From ABC news Wall Street now stocks finished higher Thursday, though.

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