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Yeah well i was not at the final group so it was a couple of groups that for me still and so when you're in that position you come to the seventy second hole and no matter what you do you don't know for sure if it's going to be enough or if you're short you just don't know so all you can do is your best and i had it was playing really tough and i had bogeyed about two holes in the last five and i'd also birdied about two holes in the last five so i was back and forth you know with conditions and just playing golf it happens and i i had a good birdie look on eighteen he was playing down win but it was also playing really tough because it's hard to control how far the ball rolls and into the green there because you gotta let it way short of the green outs on hard to predict so i worked really hard on my putting in and completely renovated everything about my putting routine and my i i've been using the long putter up until about two months before that and as part of the overhaul i digital federal way back to the short putter completely changed everything and i do remember i'll never forget it actually on the seventy second hole had that birdie putt and i got to the ball and i kind of backed away it was a flat putt but because of the wind blows so hard it was about a six inches left to right break and it was easy read actually i mean it was not a tricky read it all but i got to the ball in back the way to call my caddie frank williams and at the time because told me for fourteen years and he kind of wandered over there and he got near me and i said you he probably gonna ask him for a second look on the reed said you remember that that routine of been working so hard on he goes yeah.

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