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Go back to Veterans Parkway because of that. Now look at WGN news Police still looking for the gunman who opened fire at a mall in Wisconsin, injuring eight people. Police chief Very Weber luminary statements from witnesses indicate that the shooter is a white male in his twenties or thirties. Investigators are working on determining the identity of that suspect. Police say they do not believe the shooting was a random act and that it resulted from an altercation. The mall will be closed today. Five people were shot overnight in the Gresham neighborhood. Police say the victims were standing on the sidewalk. It's 79th and Justine just after 2 A.m. when someone opened fire on them. Two women and three men were hit. Police say they're still searching for the gunman. One witness says At least 30 shots were fired when this Darryl Martin are sexy, sounding like I'm a United States Marine So it sounds like a little like we're on the firm life for a minute there, so I came. I looked out the window and had to hide because it sounded like it was so close. It was going bust through my window. The victims were all taken to hospitals and fair condition. Police have not indicated a motive for the shooting, Georgia's secretary of state, Brad Raffish, Berger says after a hand count an audit. Joe Biden has officially won the majority of votes and Pennsylvania's election. The numbers reflect the verdict of the people Governor Brian Camp even after certifying the election question the validity of some absentee ballots. This audit on Lee looked at balance, not the signatures on the absentee applications. Or the signatures on the ballot envelopes. Because of the margin of victory. A recount can be requested. However, Georgia already conducted a state wide audit hand counting about five million ballots. So any future recount is extremely unlikely to change the results. President Trump's campaign has until early next week to ask for a recount. And obviously across the country, Thanksgiving is likely to look pretty different this year. In light of the changes, video conferencing app zoom Is lifting their 40 minute time limit on free meetings normally paid yearly packages resume cost between 152 $100 and hosts who choose the free option. Get a maximum of 40 minutes per meeting from there. A new video call needs to be started. If you want to keep talking. But this year from midnight November 26 to 6 A.m. November 27 eastern standard time. Zoom users around the world will not have to deal with that 40 minute cut off. So if you have family or friends outside the country, you could video call with them Thursday for his long as you like. Now look at WGN Sports. Good Morning, Jo Brand. Good morning, Donna calls so controversial that some betters air getting their money back. Oh, man. I don't see what the family.

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