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News is sponsored by your northern California Toyota dealers so if you're. Just joining, us both directions of. The freeway both directions of, eight eighty through Hayward or shut down because, of a leaking tanker. Truck it was leaking. Acid massive backups our. Own, Scotla Terry is caught in it he's trying to get. To the he joins us? On, the news line Scott where are you Yep Patty I'm on his Sperry near the Southland. Mall pretty near Winton avenue I can tell you it took me about forty five minutes from five eighty. To get just near the scene here on witn avenue all the side. Streets as you can imagine in Hayward jammed up. Meek Lynn blossom way hysteria just a. Just a nightmare now. This vapor plume that was drifting. From the big rig flatbed. Not far from here. It was hauling nitric and sulfuric acid we've learned prompting thirties to call that. Shelter in place that you guys have, been, talking about in. The surrounding neighborhood Hayward fire Alameda County fire remain on the scene here now they've got a handle on the leak. And it looks like they're getting close to cleaning this thing up still. Three hundred gallons of that acid spilled the shelter in place, remains in effect we're getting word though that that may be lifted shortly may maybe within. The next twenty minutes, or so, it covers Jackson street south to win and. North to Amador street east I. Eighty west eighty still closed in both directions, now the acid On the ground apparently. Started a small vegetation fire that the fire department got a quick handle on special operations task force from the Fremont, fire, department, also on the scene here now nitric and. Sulfuric acid if you don't know highly corrosive, and can cause severe skin burns and difficulty breathing burning to the. Is if you live out here you're driving around this area needs to take the. Shelter in place very seriously of course we'll keep you updated what's it's lifted reporting live in Hayward Scott. With eerie KCBS thank you for that we'll be checking back with Scott. And of course Cheryl for traffic repercussions throughout the. Afternoon, as well KCBS news time three forty four right now join t. mobile and.

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