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You know don't champ here go back and camp underneath the bridge and that's led to altercations what happens after they cleaned it out as you described that people just come back again yes they re accumulate pretty quickly as a matter of fact like i said it's been about two weeks and already there's broken glass and i mean in orange county when they finally cleared out riverbed down there the officers came to patrol the area so that no one was allowed back in they put up signs saying that's it you can't can't overnight that that has to be part of it and i i why will have anything like that now they actually at one point they were actually hooked up to the electricity as well they had lines running underneath the bridge and then the dwp came in and fix the power lines but they just kinda let them accumulates over and over again i don't see any guards or anything like that this is david spangler who was arrested in mecca you said before that he lived in hollywood and he's seen the share of homeless and drug issues but he says that this la river bike path which winds its way through that area when etqa receive up there in the in the valley we're talking about an area west of the four zero five freeway north of the one on one freeway to give you an idea of where we're talking about it's really been t i mean you heard him describe it and just take an over time especially any homeless people but really blatant drug use and aggressive scott to be propped fortyseven triggered this yeah.

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