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Dot org slash loans to receive any advertised product can just become a member of pen fit and share by 6 24 All right let's get to there our como traffic every ten minutes on the forest from the douban law group traffic center here against marinara We still have some slowdowns so southbound I 5 is still struggle from highway 18 through 5 South pound one 6 7 is still very heavy out of auburn becomes solid and Pacific and continues to be slowed down into the Sumner area South M4 O 5 that's been a troublesome area in Bellevue It's just been solid bumper bumper from 5 20 down past coal Craig Parkway westbound I 90 still affected so that slow from one 48 one 50th 5 20 westbound trying to recover from earlier issues That's why it's sluggish between 84th and over towards mount Lake southbound I 5 is solid traffic from northgate through Seattle continues to be slow to the west Seattle bridge Northbound is sluggish too from northgate through shoreline And then off and on through linwood northbound I 5 going into Everett has improved just a minor slowdown approaching highway too Those look at traffic sponsored by Staples stores Staples connect is a new world of possible with innovative tools for small business and remote workers and learners explore more at your local staple store or Staples connect dot com Next combo traffic at 6 34 Going over the mountain passes we have traction tires advised on snoqualmie pass I 90 with slushy conditions there but highway two a little slipperier as we get to compact snow and ice there in traction tires are required on highway to Stevens and let's take a look at our puget sound forecast Now the 1530 mortgage dot com weather center saying we'll.

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