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Not side with the with the business unless you're going to control every aspect of that business well I mean my reputation you're arguing for hatred is what you're doing and that would be no night they would say that you know what you well what you're saying is all well the the transgender person at the front desk that's not normal so therefore you want to change it will it is let's let's kill can we just can we just say what is normal let's let's define normal because I hate that word normal what is normal normal is something that you would see calling I'm naturally would be commonplace okay it's commonplace it is not common place to see a guy in a dress just not common place now there are places where it is more common you know the inner city is more is more common to see a lot of things you know it's not common place in the urban city to see a cow does that make how was bad no it just means it's out of place it's not normal for a cow to be wandering the streets of New York City how does this work the other day other way Glen like if you the new York city there's a few famous places that are staffed completely by trans gendered people who or or drunk cross dressers and such and that's part of that's the schtick of the restaurant basically you go in there and everyone everyone lucky Chang's okay sure mmhm if one of their workers decided they you know what this whole drag queen thing not working out for me anymore gonna go the other way to go back to where to suit would they be able to be fired so I think in that case yes because the you were specifically hired because you were either transgender transvestite you can't specifically hire someone for not being a transgendered or transvestite that's against the law so now well if your if your view if your store was you know we're not trans gender you know that the rest is I know but the stated that the shtick I'm actually standing up for the transgender person here I think I think I don't know anymore I think you are but I think you're missing that they they can't you can't have that restaurant it would be illegal you can't have the we're not transgender restaurant that is exactly no you can't have it but I know but I'm saying you can have a I am Trent we are transvestite could transsexual you still you could white white see this is the problem with government getting involved E. if you want to have a all transvestite or no transvestite that's fine if you if you if you if you don't understand that the changer making is a big deal and your employer might say I'm sorry Susan and I love you is Susan and I love just Fred but I can't thank you you can I I don't want you representing my company why because you hate no I don't I don't but I need every advantage that I can get and having somebody greeting our customers is is not necessarily the best smoothest transition for the mass population all right back in just a second blaze at speeches and Hey should be executed rough greens if your dog is a part of the family part of the love and affection of the family you need to feed them rough greens rough greens is is a supplement it's not a dog food but you put it on top of your dog food and it totally I mean it changes them nope loves his food now loves to eat we'll sit down and it's because of the additive of rough greens you just sprinkle it on top and it's like some sort of dog crack and they'd love it but then you start to see the difference in the code in the eyes in their activity level it is changed my dog now I wish I wish you knew him before and you knew him now because it's a different dog he has totally changed and he just feels better.

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