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In other studies corny dr linked they've estimated seventy percent of marine litter is expected to sink to the sea floor and enter marine sediments the amount of plastic cumulating on the floor he says is relatively unknown will nobody looked at the floor that's where you throw things microplastics just one word okay thirty five minutes that's enough got his head president trump had an interesting week dominated by news about his son his eldest son don jr you um you may as i certainly have had your first acquaintanceship with don jr when somebody published on twitter a photo of don jr on safari in africa holding a knife in one hand and the tale of an elephant in the other elephant that supposedly he had just dispatched i guess he was hungry but that's not what don jr is in the news this week of course the new york times sequentially revealed in a series of articles that there had been a meeting at trump tower attended by don jr jared kushner the president's soninlaw and paul manafort the former the head of the trump presidential campaign for about three months last year attended also by a russian national who is a lawyer and as we learned later in the week attended also by a translator a representative of a russian oligarch whose son is a pop star made the coins of donald trump's senior when he held the miss universe contest in moscow in 2013 and.

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